Product Manager Resume Sample

The demand for product manager positions is as high as it has never been before. According to the job portal Glassdoor, it is the third-best job in the USA in 2021. Its relevance is increasing, as last year it was in fourth place in the mentioned rate. No wonder that the interest in product manager jobs has doubled in the last five years, as the Future of Product Management Report claims.

Preparing a successful, eye-catching, and easy-to-read resume example that reflects all the accomplishments and the best applicant’s sides is not easy. But in ResumeEdge we have a great experience of creating powerful product manager resume samples, resulting in callbacks from recruiters and job interview invitations. We offer you to take a look at the real product manager resume example from our practice.

Product Manager Resume Sample

If you want to take a step forward in a product manager career, you are in a good place. As long as the company has its product – it needs a product manager. The position is considered to be one of the best-paid, especially in comparison with other popular career paths. Based on the analysis of 40,713 salaries it was found that the average product manager’s salary worldwide is estimated at $110,916 USD per year.

Therefore you must understand that applying for such a position you will find yourself among a lot of other candidates willing to get this job.

The recruiters are definitely aware of the huge role that product managers play in company success.

They are the ones who understand the customer’s needs, who ideate the concepts of bringing the product to life by communicating with all the process members. Product managers must have exceptional skills in working across tech, design, engineering, and marketing teams to satisfy the customers’ needs. This engaging position is multi-skilled and requires analytical, creative, and communicative abilities. Hence, the most crucial task for a job-seeker here is to showcase all these skills, working experience, and education in one resume sample, that must draw the recruiter’s attention.

How to make your product manager resume successful?

The main purpose of your product manager resume is to help your prospective employer pick you out of a crowd. It means that the resume sample that you use for applying for the desired position must contain the most important skills and accomplishments that the company is looking for. Here we offer you a list of tips on how to write the product manager resume that will get you the biggest chances for a job interview.

  • Place your contact information in the visible spot so the recruiter could give you a call or text to offer you a job interview
  • Start the resume with the short objective summary showing off your professional personality, focusing on your achievements and skills that match the vacancy description. It must be short and capacious, making the recruiter recognize your professional value
  • Highlight your core proficiency applicable to the product manager position that reflects your experience
  • Demonstrate the list of the skills in the correct format, so that your resume could pass the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and at the same time look good for an HR person
  • Show your relevant employment experience emphasizing your professional accomplishments, the ways of achieving them, and what is even more important the outcomes it brought to the company such as increased customer’s flow and income results
  • Don’t forget to mention your educational background, including certificates you’ve earned
  • Feature the list of the technical skills you can offer as a product manager
  • Make sure that the resume is written in a specific, tailored language, using quantifiable metrics

Now when you know the basic successful product manager resume sample requirements, don’t waste your time and start creating your pass to the job of your dream. If you want to be certain that your resume is made in the best way, the ResumeEdge team is always here to help you. Our resume writers are experienced in product manager resume writing and assisting people in starting the desirable career.


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