Hiring managers and recruiters are focused on quality: forward-thinking leadership, skilled management, and proven results. Your executive resume needs to make a compelling argument to convince a company that you're the right candidate for the job. We’ll write you a resume that opens doors, so you can close the deal.

How We're Qualified

We’re Pros! We hire Certified Professional Resume Writers and adhere to the excellence standards set forth by the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Personalized service. Our writers have personalized experience spanning over 40 different industries.

Proven track record. We maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate.


Our executive resume writers work with you one-on-one to create a resume that commands attention and sets you apart from the competition. Here’s how the service works:

1. Questionnaire: Complete our online questionnaire to help us learn about your work history and accomplishments
2. Interview: A 45-minute phone consultation to help us determine your goals, get clarity around the questionnaire and answer any questions you have
3. Draft: You’ll receive your first draft in as few as 3 days
4. Refine: You’ll have 7 days after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications
5. Finalize: Your completed, professional resume is delivered to you

We don't just satisfy 98% of our customers... We WOW them.

“You did wonders with my resume. In fact, I am certain my "new and improved" resume (thanks to you) is what landed me my current job. I got a great job with Zurich Financial Services! A Zurich (on-site) Recruiter called me within hours after posting my resume on! So, thank you very, very much.” - Laura P.

“Great news! I accepted a position as the Director of the Program Management Office with Dignity Health. Thank you so much for all of your guidance. Without your help on my resume and cover letter, I would have never gotten the interview. Because of your fabulous work, they called me within two days of my application!” - Marci B.

“My writer is a real pro. She knows the hiring process and has the gift of being able to write crisp bullets that make my career experience look excellent. She communicates well and offered excellent suggestions and tips that really improved my resume and LinkedIn profile.” - Christopher P.

“I would like to say a big thank you for Emily's help - the quality of work is brilliant and my resume looks much better now, and I'm very impressed by the cover letter as well. Emily understood my needs and did a terrific job consolidating the info I provided in a clear and concise way. Last but not least Emily is responsive (always replied to my emails very quickly even though we live in different time zones), friendly and helpful, and the turnaround time in finishing up the work was impressive. In the future if I need assistance with my resume I would like to get Emily's help again.” - Carmen L.

“Thank you for your help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. I submitted the resume Sunday, was called in for an interview on Wednesday and received an offer today!” - Paul L.

“I really liked that my editor gave me a call, and that she was so personable. After speaking with her, I felt much more comfortable about paying for this service, and I am sure after reading my resume and cover letter that I will have no trouble getting interviews!” - Laila A.

“My resume writer was fantastic. If I ever need to use this service again I will be working with her. She took care and highlighted my talents and turned my weakness into assets. I absolutely love her work.” - Sulliman L.

“Kevin took my very unexciting resume and turned it into a thrilling read. The reason I chose ResumeEdge was because your writers made a personal phone call. That was the key to making my resume look and sound like me.” - Becky S.

“I loved that that my writer recommended things to me according to my background and field. I was pushed to really dig deep to find eye-catching information. I feel much more confident venturing out into the job market then I did a week ago.” - Dana R.

“My writer took the time to get to know me and was able to provide input in areas I had not thought of. It was tough because I had to let go of some of my old identities to start in a new career, but she took me over the hump and captured who I am--and what I can give.” - Stephanie L.


There are a few types of executive level job seekers – those who haven’t been faced with the job search in 10 years or longer, those who have climbed the career ladder on their own by being loyal to employers/industries, and those who have relied on executive recruiters to transition from one job to another. Whatever the case, the job search has some similarities and differences for executives. It is very important to understand the job search process, and what it looks like at the executive level.

If you plan to navigate the job search yourself you might want to avoid some of the following mistakes:


As an executive, you have years of experience that has positioned you to be successful in just about anything (or so it may feel). However, it is important to know what kind of work you want to do, where you want to do it, and in what organizations. Having a clear idea of your next career steps can also help you develop a strong resume and cover letter, rather than something that tries to cover too many bases.


Perhaps the biggest mistake of all job searchers is to not have a professional online presence. The lack of social networking skills may hurt your executive job search. Consider creating a LinkedIn or Twitter profile to begin branding yourself and highlighting your accomplishments for recruiters to easily access. Not to mention, social media is one of the quickest ways to network with professionals in your field.


Remember the old adage “finding a job is a job”? Well, as an executive, it may take even longer to secure a position given your level of expertise and the smaller number of job openings at this level! Even if you are looking for work while you continue to work, it is important that you devote time in your busy schedule to your job search. Block off some time in your calendar to engage in networking activities.


Typically, only 30% of job vacancies are actually advertised and once you achieve the executive level, it is likely that even fewer positions are advertised. Don’t forget to tap into the ‘hidden’ job market through social networking. Research companies of interest and connect with them via LinkedIn to develop relationships with the influential leaders of that company.


While you facilitate new connections, don’t forget to reach out to the entire network you have developed throughout your career. Let the people who you trust in your network know that you are seeking new challenges and they may provide you with leads or inform you of opportunities.


It could be years since you needed a resume or cover letter. Your old information might not include your latest accomplishments and may seem outdated in style, format, and content. It is crucial to your job search to have a resume that looks the part. Update your resume and tailor your cover letters.


The way you went about finding your first job is going to look very different today! The Internet and technology has significantly impacted the job search process – from the way we search for jobs online to how we build social networks to find opportunities in the hidden job market. Some standards remain (i.e., resumes, cover letters, interviews) however the process of engaging in the job search has changed! Speaking to a career coach can help you understand the executive job search process, learn how to network more effectively, prepare for interviewing, and strategically plan your executive job search.