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The industries we compose CVs for:

  • Academic
  • Scientific
  • Medical
  • Business
  • Research
When applying for certain positions in the U.S. you may rather need a CV than a resume, as it includes more details about you as a specialist. This document consists of data about your academic background, education, degrees, publications, awards, research, certificates and credentials, and more. CV is necessary for applying for academic, scientific, research, and education positions, as well as for grants or fellowships in the U.S. No matter where you are looking for a job, you need your CV to stand out from the crowd, and our professional CV writers are ready to arrange it for you.

Why CVs by ResumeEdge bring results to our clients:

  • Receive more callbacks

    We match you with a competent CV writer

    All our experts have a great background in writing CVs attractive for recruiters. We will choose the most suitable CV Writer knowledgeable in your job industry. Thus, you will be provided with a concise, relevant, up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  • Receive more callbacks

    We adjust your CV to the desired position’s demands

    Our writing experts will compose your CV according to your desired position requirements, adding the most relevant and appropriate information, including your academic and work achievements to improve your career chances.
  • Receive more callbacks

    We format your CV to make it attractive for the recruiter

    We make sure that your document is eye-catching, made in a consistent formatting, non-cluttered, with a perfect balance of free space. A concise, structured, complete, and clear CV made by our team covers two to three pages and increases your chances of getting your desired position.

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Send us your instructions

Complete the order by filling out the details and payment information. Send us your instructions and attach the previous cover letter or other documents.

Communicate with expert

You start one-to-one communication with your resume writer via our messaging board.

Get your order

Receive your top-notch resume and other documents strictly by the deadline.

What Is a CV, and How Is It Different From a Resume?

Curriculum vitae (CV) literally means course of (one’s) life. It leads us to the idea that a CV, as opposed to a resume, provides extensive information that the job seeker highlights, as well as proof of their achievements.

If the applicant writes a resume, then the material they present doesn’t have to be organized chronologically. A resume can have a diverse format, which helps applicants easily adjust their curriculum vitae to the opening.

In turn, the CV must be broader and more descriptive. It was created to describe professional skills and educational background on deeper levels.

Who Needs to Write a CV?

In most cases, employers ask job hunters to send them resumes. However, there are areas in which a CV is required, namely:

  • Scientific
  • Academic
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Business

If you want to be part of one of these areas, you should fill out your CV correctly to increase your chances of success.

Why Is It Challenging to Write an Effective Academic CV?

When writing a resume, candidates can put only the information needed for a particular company. That is, they can change the document quite radically depending on the goals.

The most effective CV consists of 2-3 pages, which should describe your strengths, but with the help of facts, not vague phrases. The CV should describe your background in detail, but at the same time, make sure that the recruiter reading this does not lose interest in you.

Should I Use a CV Writing Service?

To determine how best to fill out this document, many job hunters come to the aid of cv writing services. There are many of them, but it is worth carefully analyzing information about them.

ResumeEdge CV writing service is recommended by dozens of people whose reviews you can read on Trustpilot and BBB. We have long had the idea to create a legal and affordable CV writing service to help people get closer to their dreams, and we are doing it.

What Problems Can Arise While Writing a CV For An Academic Position?

CV for an academic position has its distinct structure, unlike even many other types of CVs. When writing an academic CV, keep in mind that it can be of any size, even more than three pages. You need to add research experience, a list of publications, conferences, seminars that you have conducted, and much more. This information will help establish you as a specialist. Testimonials from verified people should also be present in this process, but sometimes candidates omit this fact, which does not increase their reputation.

Even though the academic CV format is not flexible, the applicant can highlight the certain relevant information. Still, many do not consider and write all possible facts about themselves without filtering. When selecting publications, it is also worth applying a filter. If they are no longer relevant or presented in unreliable sources, the job seeker should not include them in the list. As practice shows, recruiters do not give chances to those candidates who have not provided basic and relevant information.

How Does an Expert CV Writing Service Work?

After placing an order, you will be contacted by the Customer Success Manager as soon as possible, who will send you a questionnaire. It can automate and therefore speed up the work. The questionnaire contains vital points that will clarify the purpose of creating your CV.

After that, the Customer Success Manager finds a suitable author for you according to the criteria of their knowledge in your field. If, for some reason, you do not want to cooperate with this author, you can easily choose another one.

The third stage already wholly depends on the work of a professional writer. They review the questionnaire and create the first draft of your CV. You can make changes to improve the document. After that, the writer sends you the final document, and you climb further up the career ladder.

What are the Benefits of the ResumeEdge CV Writing Service?

Our writers are professional and certified staff who offer quality services at a reasonable price. Compared to other services, ResumeEdge provides services in a shorter time, which is very important for applicants who need to apply before a particular day. This organization is since ResumeEdge writers receive orders evenly, completing each one with high quality.

Besides, you may have noticed that many resume writing companies do not have an Academic CV Writing service. We, in turn, are happy to take on rather complex documents and are ready to execute them for you even in 48 hours if this is an urgent case. If you have any questions or specific problems, you can always contact the Customer Success Team, which works for you 24/7.

How Much Does CV Writing Cost?

ResumeEdge offers several service packages to help you find the right one for you. So, in a professional CV writing service, there are three options:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Advanced

The Standard package includes writing a CV, which costs $120. The professional package includes not only CV Writing but also Cover Letter Writing. But the most popular is the Advanced package because you can get a CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Writing at a bargain price.

How long will my CV take to write?

You can choose the deadline for receiving the finished CV. It can be:

  • 48 hours
  • Three days
  • Five days
  • Seven days
  • Ten days
  • Fourteen days

Frequently asked questions

  • CV Writing
What is a CV?

When applying for some jobs in the United States, you may be required to provide a CV (Curriculum Vitae) instead of a resume.

A CV is needed when applying for academic, scientific, research, and educational employment in the United States, as well as grants and fellowships.

This document includes information on your educational background, degrees, publications, awards, research, certificates and credentials, and more.

What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?

A resume is a 1-2 page document that summarizes your work experience, educational background, and talents.

An Academic CV is a lengthy document that outlines your entire career path. A resume is used for job applications, while a CV is utilized for academic positions.

When should I use a CV?
In the US CV is necessary for applying for academic, scientific, research, and education positions, as well as for grants or fellowships in the US. Also, some international companies require a CV rather than a resume.
How many pages is a CV?

Our experts create a two- to three-page Academic CV for you that is concise, structured, thorough, and clear, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Where to get help writing a CV
Professional writers at ResumeEdge can create a perfect CV for your future job. All of our specialists have extensive experience writing appealing CVs for recruiters.
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