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Why is a Cover Letter crucial while applying for a job?

If your goal is to land the desired position, you need an outstanding cover letter that will represent you as an ideal marketable candidate in a narrative and assure a future employer of your proficiencies. Matching your qualifications to the job application requirements wins you recognition among hiring managers and helps you get selected for an interview.

Why do cover letters by ResumeEdge succeed?

We align a cover letter to your resume
A cover letter should be a valuable addition to the resume and include unique details that your resume does not contain. Your writer will be not only competent in creating cover letters but also will know how to pair both documents in a perfect match without redundancy and repetition of the same information.
We reflect your motivation to work for a company
Your cover letter should state why you want to work for a specific company and how it can benefit from having you as an employee. The motivation and enthusiasm for the job position, as well as acknowledgment of future company objectives and history are very important for hiring managers when they choose the best candidates.
We write cover letters for various purposes
We write either a general cover letter that you can use while applying for different companies or a customized one for a targeted position. Our professional writers are experienced in creating cover letters for all industries and career levels, including early-career, mid-career, executives, military to civilian transition, etc.
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About ResumeEdge

ResumeEdge is a leading resume writing company with over 23 years of experience in the market. We have a team of professional and certified writers, recruiters, and HRs who follow the latest job hiring trends and positively influence our clients’ career prosperity.

Cover Letter Writing Service

The cover letter writing service is one of the well-known services that is ordered in conjunction with a resume. Even though many predict a decline in the popularity of this document, more than 80% of companies require a cover letter from candidates. There is a rumor that non-recruiters don’t always read cover letters. Perhaps, but it often gives the candidate an advantage in the final choice. Today we would like to tell you about the service and what exactly a cover letter service will give you.

Why Do You Need a Cover Letter?

Most companies do require cover letters. According to statistics, however, more than 60% of recruiters prefer to read cover letters. Besides, if you do not send a cover letter when you are asked to do so, it will negatively affect your reputation as a candidate. It means that you are not following the rules even before you come to the interview!

When you send your cover letter to the company, you are showing that you are putting in the extra effort to get the job. Even if HR doesn’t read your cover letter, they know that you’re following through on the path to getting the job.

Cover letters should be written individually, without using templates. And then it will set you apart from other candidates.

When Not to Send a Cover Letter

There are times when a cover letter is not worth sending.

  • When you are not asked to. Sometimes the company will indicate that you do not need to send a cover letter. And even if you do, you won’t impress recruiters. However, it indicates that you cannot follow the rules.
  • If there is no place to attach the file. If you have already sent a resume and noticed that there is no place, it is a sign from the company that you do not need to send a cover letter.
  • If you don’t have time to customize your cover letters. It is best to always do separate cover letters for each post. Otherwise, the employer will immediately notice a typical pattern. It shows up in the details. It will not distinguish you from the crowd in any way, so it is better not to write such cover letters at all.

What Makes Our Cover Letters Stand Out?

Our professional cover letter writer team is highly experienced in the field. We have walked this path many times with our clients and constantly follow the recruiting trends. Therefore, we manage to write high-quality cover letters, adapting to the situation. You will get many benefits, for example:

  1. We let your personality unfold. The function of a cover letter is to show the candidate’s motivation and passion. It should be specific, not vague, statements.
  2. We will help you show your experience. You can explain to the recruiter exactly how your experience makes you worthy of the role. We show we don’t tell.
  3. We can make your cover letter catchy. It can encourage discussion, show knowledge about the company, and so on.
  4. We allow you to fully reveal the skills of persuasion. It is important for some jobs. The firmness of speech will also speak of the seriousness of your intentions.
  5. We select an individual approach for each client. We care about respecting your privacy while doing our best to let you shine.

In What Cases Should You Definitely Hire A Professional?

There are situations when a professional cover letter writing service is highly recommended. These are cases where your situation is different from the standard one, and you need a different approach to write a cover letter correctly. What are these situations?

  • When you need to explain. It could be, for example, a career change or a big gap in your work history. Recruiters may be puzzled that you are changing majors so drastically, and it may seem suspicious. A cover letter is a great way to clear things up.
  • When you are new, and this is your entry-level cover letter. Beginners who are just getting started have the hardest time. It is because they do not have much experience in writing resumes and cover letters. However, it is important to show recruiters your strengths, the writing style should be persuasive but not aggressive. That is why we recommend that beginners enlist the support of professionals.

  • Someone referred you to a company. If you already have a referral, you need to report it properly in a cover letter. And the recruiter will be able to contact the person and find out about your competence directly.
  • You are connected to the company in one way or another. If there is a person you know in the company, or maybe you volunteered here or did an internship? Then it might be worth writing about.
  • It is your dream job. Sometimes we come across people passionate about the business and dream of a particular position. Our cover letter expert task, in this case, is to convey the mood of the candidate correctly. The dream must be combined with specific words to make the perfect cover letter.

We believe that by cooperating with our cover letter writers, you will make a great contribution to your future. That is why we strive for the high quality of our services, but at the same time, we leave reasonable prices.

Frequently asked questions

What Are The Benefits of Having a Cover Letter Written By a Professional?

The main advantage of our service is that cover letters stand out from the crowd and become unique. We help our clients solve many nuances of writing a cover letter. And definitely, we make the job search process easier by making the process of writing documents less stressful.

How Does Your Cover Letter Writing Process Work?

Our platform makes it easy and quick to start writing a cover letter. First, you need to select a service and a deadline. The more time you give the cover letter writers to complete the task, the lower the price will be. However, you pay extra for urgency, because it allows our writers to put you in priority.

After you pay for the service, we contact you by email or phone call, and also there is a special chat so you can connect with your writer. Or else you can order a separate call with your personal writer if you need it. We will find out as many details as possible about what exactly we have to write for you. The ResumeEdge team then selects a writer who specializes in these positions. After that, we immediately begin our work.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Cover Letter?

Probably our answer is "yes". But you can't just pay "someone". You need to be sure that this "someone" is a professional you can trust. A person must understand how to make a high-quality cover letter so as not to undermine your trust.

How Do I Choose a Professional Cover Letter Writer?

It would be better to trust your intuition and other people's experience. You can find out if the person is worth partnering with by checking the reviews. Our company is transparent, and we are glad that many people trust us. The ResumeEdge company is ready to boast excellent reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and BBB. We believe we can write the best cover letter for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Write a Cover Letter?

Our business letter writing service prices start at $60 (however, it can go down to $55). It all depends on what position you hold and how urgently you need a cover letter.

What Will My Professional Cover Letter Include?

ResumeEdge listens to what customers say. That is why we take into account your wishes to the maximum. All necessary information will be included in the cover letter.

In addition, we guarantee that your order will be completed following all the rules: there are no grammatical and stylistic errors, and the structure and volume of the text meet the standards.

The content of the letter will also be at a high level. Our cover letter assistance objectively shows your talents and motivation, convincing recruiters of your competence.

What If I'm Unsatisfied With My Cover Letter?

We are very sorry if that happened. Still, we are confident that we can correct the error and find a compromise. You only need to contact our support team.