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Best Career Advice to Achieve Your Dream Job

Getting on a specific career path, you must clearly understand and be aware of your goals. Maybe you want to get promoted, get better at sales, or get a lot of money. How can you help yourself achieve what you want? Our resume writing service offers 19 tips for your career that will never go out of fashion.

Learn as Much as You Can about the Company

Career advice is suitable for different stages of acceptance for a position – from writing a resume to starting a job. Before applying for a position, you probably need to familiarize yourself with the company’s principles and rules. Knowledge about the company and the ability to use this information in interviews gives you advantages over those not so intensely interested in the job.

However, as you work, you should learn more about what the company is like from the inside. It is your chance to become that researcher, and you will gain more experience and knowledge about how the company will move forward. And you will help this progress.

Don’t Ignore Resume and Cover Letter Tips

Even though you will have to read a lot of information before getting started, it is still worth reading a few articles about what you can do and what is better to refuse. Our career articles are great examples of such tips:

Try to Make Friends with Company Employees

Getting the right contacts is a must-have for every prospective employee. This way, you will be able to receive information before others. You can have many acquaintances, meaning a whole network of connections is available. Acquaintance with such people saves from many unpleasant situations.

Find Yourself a Role Model

Where to get careers advice? Choose a person from your profession who has already achieved what you desperately want. Ask a person directly about their experience, and you will surely learn many tips for your career.

Always ask specific questions about what your friend did, what ideas he tried to implement, and so on. It will allow you to avoid many mistakes by learning from the other person’s experience.

One of the essential things in any career is the challenges that come along the way. If your profession allows it, ask your “mentor” about the difficulties you will encounter along the way. Try to find a possible solution to the problems.

Take Your Time in Choosing a Job

Remember that your life will be planned for several years when you get a particular position.

Think about what you want to do in the long run. Won’t you get tired of the chosen job in a year? Will I be able to stay motivated on the path? Does the position you have chosen fit your purpose?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when choosing a career.

Do not be afraid to refuse an incoming offer if you feel that that is clearly not for you. Choosing a position that will quickly make you burn out makes no sense.

Show Up at Work on Time (Or Even a Little Earlier)

Your manager will be pleased to see how the employee is fully prepared for the working day. Thus, you create an image of a person you can rely on. It is unlikely that essential tasks will be entrusted to someone who cannot even come to work on time. Frequent tardiness calls into question your productivity and interest in the position.

Arrive early and always keep your workspace ready and organized.

Avoid Burnout

Burnout is what awaits any person who works too hard (and often it is underestimated). If you push too hard, it can break you. It is important to remember that you have a hobby and a personal life. Work should not be for you all the time that you spend in your life.

Set Yourself Realistic Goals

Every goal of a person is a bit of dreaming — something unreal, which is simply unrealistic to achieve quickly. If your plan seems like a pipe dream to you, it’s time to change something.

Think about your short-term plans and how you want to fulfill them. Don’t forget that perfectionism is your enemy. You can’t please everyone, and your first project won’t be the best. However, that is what makes your path unique and allows you to grow through mistakes.

Listen to Opinions

Criticism and any statements about the result of your work can be helpful for you (but it only works in the case of constructive comments). People do it not to shame you but to help you improve your work.

Write down the ideas you like. It will help you in the future!

Don’t Be Afraid to Take on Things That Are Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you have such an opportunity – you need to grab it immediately. If you are not sure this is a good idea, a good option would be to refuse.

However, if you are sure it will help you in promotion, then learn as much as possible about the opportunity and try to participate. It gives you an unforgettable experience.


Often it is productivity that sets the bar for our effectiveness at work. Make the most of your work hours, and don’t let yourself procrastinate. You definitely shouldn’t wait until the end of the deadline. When you have deadlines, you will not be able to do anything of high quality. Plan your working day to get the most out of these working hours.

Consider Career Coaching

If there is something that does not suit you in your work, and you cannot understand what exactly is wrong – try to work it out with professionals. They will help identify the cause of your dissatisfaction with the work and offer you to correct the situation.

Try to learn more about how to lead your career. Thanks to the Internet, much material has appeared on this topic, and it will obviously not hurt you to familiarize yourself with all the information. If you don’t like re-reading many texts at once, you can try our career advice podcasts, which often take up important topics.

Don’t Speak Badly about Your Employer and Try to End On a Positive Note when You Leave the Company

We understand that often the departure of an employee from the company does not occur under the most pleasant circumstances, but this is also a catch. If you tell in an interview what kind of stupid guy your boss was, then you are unlikely to be accepted by any company. Who wants an employee who divulges company information left and right?

Talk about a bad experience as something that made you stronger, and think more about what you really want.

Remember that Not All Aspects of Your Work Can Be Controlled

Each position, at some point, becomes chaotic and ceases to be controllable. But such situations should not scare you. Even under the most desperate circumstances, you must not lose your cool. There are a lot of factors that you just can’t change, so you have to accept and use what you have.

And from this, too, you can learn helpful experiences!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help


If it seems to you that you want to ask a couple a question about your task but are afraid to do it, this is a sign that you should speak up. It is always better to dispel misunderstandings or to make it clear on how to achieve such a goal. The more the manager or your colleagues will be glad if they were asked for help.


Mistakes that occur due to minor misunderstandings can become a huge problem. Isn’t it easier to solve everything at once?

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Position?

Sometimes moving up the career ladder is the hardest part of your position. It can take a lot of time and money because you have to gain as much experience as possible. You might even be better off taking courses or internships to learn more about your industry.

Remember that You Are a Team Player

If you are a sufficiently charismatic person, you can clearly influence the friendship in the team. Your team must become one big family. These are the people with whom you spend most of the day, and they are worth your attention.

Confidence and Modesty Are Your Friends

The perfect employee always talks less and acts more. If you decide to take on something – bring the process to an end. Don’t brag about your accomplishments, but let the results speak for you. If you are an excellent worker, everyone should see it anyway. Your task is to keep the bar and always be humble for praise.

Keep Learning

It does not matter what position you are currently working in and how far you have advanced in your career path. At each stage, you will find a lot of new things. Plus, it’s never too late to learn a new skill that will help you in your work. The best career advice is to never stop learning. Build yourself from the ground up with the skills you’ve learned.

Bottom Line

We hope our 19 professional career advices will help you on your career path. It’s not as difficult as you think! The hardest thing is to take the first steps toward your dream. Getting out of your usual routine can often be challenging, but these tips will help you avoid burnout when your profession seems utterly boring to you.

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