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Mar 31, 2022
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The position of the safety manager is extremely responsible and necessitates professionalism on the part of the candidate. This person takes care of workers’ health and safety while performing their working duties. This is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States, as evidenced by a large number of available positions. Those are spread across many industries, but construction, manufacturing, retail, and technology are the most common.

Safety Manager Job Description

Safety Manager Job Description

What Does a Safety Manager Do?

A safety manager works to prevent workplace accidents and raises health and safety awareness among coworkers. They are in charge of ensuring that employees follow health and safety laws and developing policies to make the workplace safer. In addition, they must take steps to indicate potential workplace hazards and improve current working conditions.

Safety Manager Responsibilities

  • Conducts safety audits on fire equipment, dock conditions, housekeeping, rack conditions, material conditions, and electrical conditions.
  • Examine health and safety practices and processes for risk assessment and compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Acquire knowledge of ISO 45001, OSHA, corporate, and factory-specific standards and requirements.
  • Manage incidents, including root cause investigations, compliance responsibilities, EHS audits, risk assessments, and workers’ compensation.
  • Lead daily direction setting emphasizes predictive risk assessments, behavior-based safety observations, and hazard recognition activities such as GEMBA’s and other EHS improvement initiatives.
  • Analysis of leading and lagging indicator performance to ensure effective corrective and preventive action plans.
  • Investigate accidents to discover the reason, modify at-risk behaviors as soon as they are observed, and put preventative measures to avoid repeated incidents.
  • Work with operations and dispatch on safety policies as well as current and pending safety issues.
  • Maintain all necessary governmental reporting documents.

The list of responsibilities above is general. Each company searching for a safety manager defines its requirements in the job description. If you want to make your resume perfect, you’ll need to adjust your document to each company you apply to. Otherwise, you can seek professional help from ResumeEdge writers experienced in creating successful resumes.

Safety Manager Requirements

Each company has particular requirements for future employees. Safety managers are in high demand in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail, and technology. And while each organization has its own special set of requirements, they all care about these criteria:

  • Education (Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or related field)
  • Experience (three to five years of experience in a safety role in the same field)
  • Providing all information about the courses you have taken
  • Strong knowledge of business management, finance, and leadership principles
  • Constant qualification improvement
  • Clear criminal history
  • Current certifications in First Aid, CPR, OSHA, 30-hour Construction Safety and Industry Standards, plus familiarity with DOE 10 CFR Part 851 are highly desirable.

Safety Manager Skills & Proficiencies

Safety manager is a multi-task position, as this person needs to perform a lot of tasks. Safety managers must be good communicators, analysts and have strong computer skills. Here is the list of what skills and proficiencies this job requires.

Hard Skills for Safety Manager Position

  • Accidents Investigation
  • Case Management
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Budgeting
  • Conceptual planning ability
  • Laws and Standards Compliance
  • Reports and safety protocols writing
  • Data Analysis

Soft Skills for Safety Manager Position

  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Written and verbal communication Skills
  • Organizational Skill
  • Prioritizing Skill
  • Problem-Solving
  • Multi-tasking Skill

Safety Manager Salary Expectations

According to, as of February 25, 2022, the median Health and Safety Manager salary in the United States is $114,96, ranging from $92,312 to $128,469. However, salary ranges can vary greatly depending on factors, including education, experience, certifications, and additional skills.

Final word

As the economy expands, new businesses and industries emerge, creating new job opportunities and increasing the value of safety managers’ work. The competition for the best vacancies is pretty high and having a professional, well-tailored resume is a key to getting your dream job. Check out the safety manager resume sample to ensure that your resume is relevant. Alternatively, you can delegate this task to ResumeEdge’s professional writers, who will create a successful resume and assist you in obtaining the desired job position.

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