How To Include a Referral in Your Cover Letter

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Nov 23, 2021
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A cover letter is a great way to complement your resume. A well-written resume and cover letter may be of interest to a potential employer. It is especially significant if your area has a lot of candidates. Therefore, job searchers can use professional resume editing service to boost their chances of landing a job.

You might include a reference in your cover letter to help it become more effective. In 2017, PayScale surveyed 53,000 employees, and it turned out that 1/3 of respondents sent referral cover letters. While a referral is not necessary for your cover letter, it can nonetheless catch a hiring manager’s or recruiter’s attention.

How To Include a Referral in Your Cover Letter

How To Include a Referral in Your Cover Letter

We have already talked about cover letter do’s and dont’s earlier. For now, we suggest that you focus on referrals in cover letters.

What is a Referral?

A reference or a referral is a recommendation from a current or former employee of the company where the applicant wishes to work. Companies themselves sometimes organize referral programs to attract new qualified personnel. It means that employees can bring in new professionals with whom they have had previous favorable experiences.

A reference cover letter is one in which you refer to a contact who is familiar with hiring managers and recruiters and is connected with that organization. A referral can be beneficial when looking for a job because it helps substantiate your resume and cover letter facts.

Hiring managers and recruiters might benefit from referrals in filling open positions. Applicants should give a reference that verifies the abilities that the organization is looking for. In addition, a cover letter referred by an employee can increase interest and confidence in the candidate.

Is it Necessary to Add a Reference in a Cover Letter?

Referral cover letters are helpful in various situations. For instance, if a job seeker has a contact who recommended them to apply to the company, the job seeker can drop their name in a cover letter.

You can always include a referral from a former colleague, manager, or professor in your cover letter if they are familiar with the organization’s hiring manager or recruiter. Talent acquisition managers, in turn, are always interested in having referrals in your paper.

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How to Mention a Referral in a Cover Letter?

We’ve outlined four procedures that will help you correctly mention a referral in your cover letter:

  • Introduce your reference contact.

Begin your cover letter by mentioning a reference by their full name. A hiring manager or recruiter must establish reliability by verifying your relationship with references. Fill in valuable and concise information about this person so the hiring manager can know the background.

  • Describe your relationships with the referral.

Then explain your connection to the referral. A hiring manager or recruiter can use your link to the reference to assess reliability. Furthermore, the explanation can demonstrate your ability to have a beneficial impact on people as well as your capacity to build meaningful relationships.

  • Explain why they think you’d be a good fit for the job.

Your referral should provide reasons why you can be of service to this company. It will reveal your strengths, which specific situations can bolster. Thus, hiring managers and recruiters can consider a job offer if they know how you react in stressful situations.

  • Describe your experience with referral.

The final step in establishing credibility with recruiters and hiring managers is to describe the experience with a referral. However, it would help if you highlighted particular facts rather than generic or clichéd phrases. Nonetheless, the purpose of a referral is to make it apparent to hiring managers or recruiters who you are and what you do.

What is the Best Way to Acquire a Referral?

We will share three steps to get a referral:

  • Identify possible references

Determine who might be able to assist you. It should be someone who either works for the organization or knows the hiring manager or recruiter somehow. Your reference should be well-versed in your abilities.

  • Obtain your reference’s permission.

After you’ve identified a person who could be a good referral for your cover letter, contact them and ask if they’d be willing to assist you.

More importantly, ask if you can include their name in the document. It’s not only a tribute but also a sign of the referral’s trust in you. Plus, if you let them know ahead of time, they’ll be prepared if recruiters contact them.

  • Send a copy of your covering letter before submitting it.

Before sending your cover letter, you should check it with the referral. Check whether they concur with the statements. It will help them prepare before speaking with the hiring manager or recruiter about your candidacy.

How Should I Ask for a Reference?

Before you begin writing a referral, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Respectfully request a recommendation.

Reduce the possibility of rejection by politely asking the person to be your reference. You can begin by explaining the desired position or company, then effortlessly talk about the referral.

  • Give your possible reference information about the position.

When asking for a reference, be specific about the position you’re going for and the qualifications they’re looking for. It will show a referral the characteristics the employer is searching for. Knowing this will make it easier for the referral to highlight your specific strengths.

  • Ascertain that the referral is capable of taking responsibility.

The person who refers you must believe that your skills are compatible with the company’s needs. If someone does not know your skills, they are reluctant to take responsibility and recommend you. That is why you should first find someone familiar with your skills and abilities and ask if they would recommend you.

Referral Cover Letter Sample

Finally, here’s an example of a well-written referral cover letter:

Referral Cover Letter Sample

Referral Cover Letter Sample

Final Thoughts

If you have someone who can actively vouch for your work ethic, you’ll already be ahead of the competition. Consider whether you have people in your business network who can assist you.

ResumeEdge is happy to be at your service in case you’ve decided to create a cover letter with references. Our cover letter writing service offers collaboration with professional writers to develop catchy cover letters.

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