Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job

There is no doubt that obtaining the desired spot in modern realities is a pretty challenging task that’s hard to handle for many job-seekers. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is quite a widespread problem, as there are lots of various professionals having trouble finding a job. However, some people still somehow manage to get employed, becoming actual evidence that it’s not impossible even during tough times like recent pandemics. The important thing here is that the job market is first of all a market, which means it has particular demands, supplies, tendencies, and reasons. Although it’s unreasonable to state that understanding all of that will guarantee instant employment or make the searching process unfairly easy, it can raise your chances noticeably.

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job

Why is getting a job so hard?

  • The market

One of the main problems resulting in so many people struggling to find a job is that the market’s basis is usually as simple as the principle of supply and demand. It’s only natural for the company to employ workers only if their value and impact are higher than their maintenance expenses. Taking into account that there are lots of workers that are eager to work, companies sometimes publish overly exaggerated requirements, which are almost impossible to match. There may not even be that perfect candidate, but the one closest to those requirements is getting hired instead. On top of that, we don’t even talk about international competition, which is also a significant factor.

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  • ATS

ATS, also known as the applicant tracking system, represents a software tool that scans resumes for compliance with the required keywords. As a matter of fact, this is precisely the reason that makes an immense amount of job-seekers have trouble finding a job. According to the statistics, around 75% of all resumes don’t pass the ATS and get rejected even before appearing in front of the HR managers. On the other hand, this is why it’s crucial to know about the peculiarities of ATS working patterns and methods to overcome that filter.

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  • Resume

The quality of your resume is an essential matter of concern while applying for a job. A powerful resume has many distinctive features, such as a pleasant font, which can change depending on the desirable industry and the image one wants to create. At the same time, it’s necessary to use the correct structure and fill it with the finely selected content, which is even more critical. That information has to show your compatibility with the employer’s requirements, as well as the benefits you can bring to the company. To put it shortly, an applicant has to briefly describe only the most prominent achievements, skills, and qualifications. Choosing the information according to the particular job is called job targeting or resume tailoring, which aims to make your candidature ideal for specific positions. This part is substantial due to the problem of targeting the wrong jobs with a particular set of skills that doesn’t ensure the best efficiency.

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  • Qualifications and experience

Unfortunately, even if your resume is outstanding, sometimes it’s possible to stumble upon problems that question your qualifications or job experience. It’s a common problem that an applicant may not perfectly suit the requirements for the particular position. The job experience section is another stone that can make getting a job so hard for job-seekers. First of all, it would be reasonable to check if your candidacy doesn’t lack job experience. Besides that, there may also be a possibility that some HR managers can reject your offer because of suspecting in job-hopping (changing jobs without staying at one workplace for a long time).

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What to do if you can’t find a job?

  • How to deal with exaggerated requirements

Although you may not be completely compatible with all the published requirements, giving your resume a go can still be a decent option. As mentioned above, there are not that many candidates who perfectly fit, which can always become an unexpected opportunity for you. As long as all of the other aspects of your resume are fine and you match a part of your qualifications, the chances of obtaining the position are not zero. However, to raise them even more and correspond to the demands, it’s always better to develop your skills and get new qualifications such as new degrees or courses. If the person constantly expands knowledge and acquires new skills, the labor will fruit sooner or later.

  • Overcoming ATS

Considering that ATS operates with the keywords, try to prepare your resume and cover letter for passing the filtering. The best way to accomplish it is to look for desirable skills and keywords in the employer’s job requirements. Afterward, it will be easier to fill the resume with the necessary keywords and preferred skills, which will raise your chances of passing ATS significantly.

  • Job targeting and the resume’s quality

Job targeting is the procedure of great importance, as it’s the primary indicator for you to include only relevant and valuable information. Ideally, it’s recommended to finely tailor all your applications according to the employer’s demands. Of course, there is no need to rewrite all your resumes completely, but there is a need to change all skills and qualifications useless for the particular industry with relevant ones that highlight your professionalism. Regarding the quality of your resume, it simply has to be brilliant, briefly featuring all of your fundamental benefits and most outstanding achievements. On top of that, it also requires a proper font and formatting, making it much more pleasant to the eyes.

  • Getting experience

The easiest ways to fill the lacking job experience is through applying for apprenticeship programs, or it’s also possible to work on some personal project. At the same time, lacking qualifications can be solved by simply getting them. Today, with lots of Internet courses, it’s possible to get almost all necessary certificates or even obtain an online degree. On the other hand, if one has too many workplaces in the resume, it’s always possible to slightly change the resume to highlight your benefits and professionalism.

  • Networking and interviewing

Another working method to raise your chances of getting the job is to build your experience with interviews. Getting familiar with interviews and researching the history of the company can help you in creating your image. While struggling to find a job, networking can become one of the most rational decisions. It’s a common practice that many job offers circulate only between private channels, which can be pretty beneficial to have. That’s only possible through building connections in the industry, attending events, and using social networks, such as Linkedin for example. With that, you will most likely get more job offers and will be able to create those opportunities yourself.

LinkedIn is a special social media made for businesses and workers to find each other. Recruiters are searching for employees and job-hunters are looking for suitable opportunities over there. If you make a convenient LinkedIn profile that showcases your professionalism, your skills, and experience, it will certainly improve your chances for getting the career opportunity you are looking for.

To sum it up

Many variables answer why job searching is so hard. However, the good news is that it’s always possible to raise your chances. To successfully obtain the desired position, it’s necessary to not only look for job offers but try to create those yourself. All of that while improving your skills, knowledge, and network. Although those recommendations are challenging to achieve, their use in job searching is undeniable. Afterward, when one successfully appointments an interview, the most important thing to care about is the quality of your resume. Fortunately, if this problem ever starts to trouble you, you are always welcome at ResumeEdge. In case there is a need to redo the resume, our team of professional writers is ready to help with the composition and tailoring of your resume.

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