Sales Manager Job Description

The sales manager is one of the most needed personnel for business, and there is a considerable demand for them. The most successful industries where sales managers are widely required include the following:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Software
  • Information technology
  • Digital media
  • Startup business

However, the advantage of this profession is that an effective specialist working in B2B or B2C sales can always find a job because all business owners want an experienced worker who knows how to build relationships with customers and train their wards to do the same.

Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Manager Job Description

What Does a Sales Manager Do?

The main task of a sales manager is to sell the company’s goods and services, expand the circle of customers and maintain partnerships with them. Managers can be involved in B2B and B2C sales.

For the flow of goods to be uniform and constant, it is necessary to establish and maintain partnerships with customers. An entire sales team is involved in this process, and it needs a leader who can create sales strategies.

The sales manager is responsible for implementing funds to achieve commercial goals in their assigned geographic area. They motivate, manage and lead the sales teams under their responsibility. The sales manager monitors sales operations and proposes adjustments to optimize turnover. They organize the recruitment and training of their employees. The sales manager resume sample lets you get acquainted with the features of its job description.

Sales Manager Responsibilities

  • Execute strategic strategy and performance to generate room revenue and achieve/exceed individual revenue goals
  • Maintain and build commercial sales in order to achieve growth and meet sales targets
  • Establish high client retention and satisfaction, and cultivate long-term connections with customers
  • Develop and coach the sales team
  • Manage commercial account records and billing; processes refunds and reconciles accounts
  • Maintain records and billing for commercial accounts; processes returns and reconciles accounts
  • Plan delivery routes and manage personnel to ensure that products are delivered efficiently
  • Ensures that the correct delivery paperwork is generated for each delivery.

Sales Manager Requirements

Each company has its own requirements because the products or services are very different. However, the main requirements are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business or a closely related subject
  • At least one year of experience in an Inbound/Outbound model directing and managing business/sales development teams
  • Proven success in closing deals
  • Competence in marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, or other technology is desirable.
  • Proven expertise in creating and implementing sales strategies
  • At least one year of experience in hiring or recruiting.

Sales Manager Skills & Proficiencies

Sales management is not an easy task that requires many skills. For a sales manager to be effective, they should have the following proficiencies:

  • Salespeople Training: Coaching is the key to helping salespeople become better and increase revenue. Thus, this activity alone should take up 50% of the sales manager’s time.
  • Analytical Skills: Because the role of a manager includes a high degree of trend analysis, market monitoring, and results tracking, sales managers need to be numbers-oriented people with solid math skills and good business acumen.
  • Market Analysis: A good sales manager must be knowledgeable about the market in which they operate and accurately predict sales forecasts and market developments, both nationally and for the individual regions.
  • Interpersonal skills: sales managers are managers of large teams and must be able to identify and acquire the best talent for the companies they serve.
  • Team Inspiring Skills: Sales managers must be able to rally a team around a goal and make them work harder to achieve it.
  • Salesmen Management: Keeping your salespeople accountable for measurable and objective KPIs allows managers to consider leading indicators rather than lagging indicators.
  • Line Management Skills: A sales manager who can manage their line can predict the number of the sales force will produce in the future. They must constantly ensure that enough opportunities are flowing into the current funnel.
  • Relationship Building: Building relationships is not the same as establishing rapport. When a strong relationship is established, it is more convenient for a salesperson to share important information during a coaching session with their manager.
  • Closing Skills: A manager with solid closing skills can quickly help their reps close their sales.
  • Sales Process Skills: Sales managers must determine which steps to take in each meeting and in what sequence and make sure that sales reps apply the sales process correctly.
  • CRM Skills: Without the proper use of CRM, executives and sales managers have no idea of the sales funnel and sales performance. A good manager should live in their CRM: log into it daily, update information, and follow the sales process stages.
  • Social Selling Skills: Social selling, that is, using social media to sell, is a must. The manager must be able to support their team at this level.

Sales Manager Salary Expectations

Sales managers’ salaries vary greatly depending on the sold product or service. Sales is generally a lucrative sector of employment. According to Glassdoor, which analyzed the salaries of 29,618 sales managers, the average annual salary is 68,587 US dollars.


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