How to Write a Resume For a Part-Time Job

The Difference Between Full Time and Part-Time Job Resume

At first glance, it may seem that these two types of resumes are identical, but it isn’t always true. Moreover, many experienced professionals often use their regular resume when looking for part-time work. It can work in the cases where a person is looking for an additional part-time job in the same field they work in. But in other situations it may not be very successful for a number of reasons:

  1. Specialization

It may turn out that the job you are applying for does not have much in common with your main activity. For example, if you’re working as a retail worker, and looking for a part-time job in the marketing industry. This does not mean that you have absolutely no skills and suitable experience. This means that creating a new resume will significantly increase your chances because it will be most suitable for the chosen position.

  1. Overqualification

If you are not a student or school graduate looking for your first job, then most likely you already have sufficient work experience and skills in some field. However, many recruiters who are looking for part-time staff have a negative view of overqualified candidates. The fact is that often super-qualified employees have very low motivation to develop their skills. And low motivation, in turn, leads to staff turnover, which affects the costs of the enterprise. Therefore, when creating a resume, you need to present yourself as an ideal competent candidate with the skills that are necessary to work in this position. Remember, overqualification is not a positive point in this case.

How to Write a Resume for a Part Time Job

How to Write a Resume For a Part-Time Job

How to Write a Simple Resume For a Part-Time Job

  • Start with the Objective Statement

There are two options for starting a resume. After specifying the name and contact information, you can start with a summary of qualifications or professional objective. In the first option, you need to briefly present your work experience, grouping it by specialization (for example, hospitality, writing, etc.). Hard and soft skills are also distinguished here. Such a paragraph usually consists of 5-7 sentences.

The second option is shorter. Here you need to briefly describe in a few sentences several of your professional qualities and work experience without dividing them into different groups.

  • Your Skills

In this field, you need to describe your skills in more detail, dividing them into hard and soft, if you have not done so before. Be sure to mention computer skills. Nowadays, a lot of part-time work is done remotely, which requires certain knowledge, from working with equipment to software. Therefore, the mention of good technical skills will be a huge plus in almost any industry.

Here are some of the skills that will fit perfectly into your resume: Microsoft Office skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, multitasking, collaboration skills. There are also many ready-made resume samples, with which you can create the perfect part-time job resume.

  • Your Work Experience

Here it is necessary to indicate several relevant positions, preferably also part-time ones. However, it is not worthwhile to describe in detail all your duties, but it is better to indicate your achievements in this position. It is better to arrange your positions in chronological order, as this option is the most convenient.

  • Your Education 

Usually, this paragraph comes last in the part-time job resume. Here you briefly indicate information about your education: the name of the college or university, the year of study, as well as your specialty. If this applies to the desired position, include the title of the thesis with the GPA.

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How to Create a Part-Time Job Resume If You Have No Experience

If you are a student or a school graduate, then it is likely that you have no work experience yet. But this is not a big deal, and most recruiters understand it. But many people have a question “Do I need a resume” for a part-time job if I have no work experience?”. Of course yes! And to make your resume competitive, you need to follow these tips:

  • Focus on education

In the case of a lack of work experience, you need to emphasize your education. Enlarge this paragraph enough for the future employer to understand that you are a proactive and initiative person. Write about your achievements in the educational institution, in which organizations and clubs you participated, and what roles you performed there. It is also worth mentioning the awards or grants you received if there were any.

  • Internships and volunteering

These two activities will be the main point in your resume. Describe in detail your relatable internships and volunteering, as well as your achievements. This can be, for example, the processes that you have implemented in the enterprise that have helped to significantly increase profits. Also in this paragraph, you can briefly describe your responsibilities for each of the positions.

  • Add a cover letter

A cover letter is an additional document that contains more detailed information about your skills, experience, and motivation to work in this particular company. In most cases, by analyzing the cover letter the employer understands that you are the ideal candidate for a certain position. Therefore, even if it is not always required, take the trouble and write a small addition to the resume, which will definitely work in your favor.

Make sure to learn all the do’s and don’ts before making a cover letter to make sure your document is perfect for employers.

  • Make sure your resume is aesthetically pleasing

A well-designed resume is always more enjoyable to look at. Make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors in the document, there is only one font and, in general, the same style is dominated. Show your finished resume to your friends or mentor, so your mistakes will be discovered faster and you can correct them before sending your resume. If you find it difficult to design a resume, you can turn to professional resumes services. The professionals in the field will introduce you as a competent employee for the desired position.

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