Cover Letter for an Internal Position or Promotion

Changing position or getting a promotion is a serious step that should not be underestimated. You will also have to send your resume and write a cover letter as usual. But the content should be slightly different than an ordinary document. After all, you already work in this company, you are a valuable employee, and have contributed to the development of this organization. A cover letter of interest for an internal position will set you apart as a strong candidate for promotion. While a resume is a document that summarizes your accomplishments, education, skills, the main purpose of a cover letter is to show your motivation to get promoted. Your speech should be strong and confident enough to convince the HR Manager that you are a perfect candidate for the new position. However, first things first.

Cover Letter for an Internal Position or Promotion

Cover Letter for an Internal Position or Promotion

Why to Write Cover Letters for an Internal Position or Promotion

The process of choosing from all candidates is rather complicated, and each of them tries to show their best side. Besides, do not forget that there are additional competitors, not from your company. These are people looking for work and applying for the position you desire. That is, you should not expect that this position will be given to you just because you are already an employee of this company.

To significantly increase your chances of getting an internal position or promotion, you need to show your best sides. That will partially help writing a request for promotion consideration.

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What are the Main Differences from a Regular Cover Letter?

It becomes much easier if you are an external applicant. Since this is their first cover letter, candidates may exaggerate or slightly alter certain information. But if you already work in a company, you shouldn’t do that. And all because the HR Manager may even vaguely remember you and your resume and cover letter if you already work in a company. Recruiters are most likely familiar with managers in your department who can confirm or deny information about your accomplishments. Thus, it is better to be as detailed and truthful as possible.

The resume and cover letter must be carefully written in accordance with company policy. This is how an HR Manager will be able to choose you for objective reasons. Your job in your cover letter is to show how well you have succeeded during your time with this company. What is important is your motivation, your desire to develop, and rising in your careers. But the most important thing will be to point out that you are loyal to this particular company in any case. Despite the clear limitations in the cover letter, it is important to accommodate all critical information. Do not forget to also point out the skills that you have improved and the achievements that you received during your work in the company.

Since a cover letter for promotion must contain a large amount of information, it is worthwhile to carefully study and think over how to write a request for promotion consideration.

But on the other hand, as an internal worker, you have some advantages. Our team has prepared a list of tips for you on what should be on how to significantly improve your cover letter for internal positions.

What You Need to Include in Your Cover Letter for a Promotion

  • Cover Letter Submission Date.
  • Your name and signature if the document is not submitted electronically.
  • Description of your position, your work experience, achievements. Do not forget to mention hard and soft skills as well. Explain to the HR why you are the ideal candidate for the desired position. Also, describe how you fit the requirements for this job.
  • Be sure to thank your manager or recruiter for taking the time to write. Show also that you are grateful for the opportunity to work in the position you already have.
  • While writing an application for an internal position, indicate the contacts of a trusted person in your department so the hiring manager can easily confirm information about your accomplishments.

How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job within the Same Company

  • If you wonder how long a letter of interest should be, our answer is: of medium length, just like a regular cover letter. An average request for promotion consideration should be no more than a page in size. Three to four paragraphs will be enough to reach your full potential. A handwritten letter of intent for a job within the same company should be no more than a size page. But don’t make your letter too short and lean. While conciseness is important, use more varied words. On the other hand, don’t stretch your text, make it recruiter-friendly, more readable. Remove heavy structures when checking and revising your internal job application covering letter.
  • Tell the HR Manager about how working for this company has increased your experience and professionalism. Indicate how and what exactly you managed to improve. You may have made up for any skill gaps with online resources or hours of practice. Mention it! Create a compelling narrative showing that you are an evolving talented employee. The company will certainly want to retain promising workers and reward them.
  • Be specific and clearly state the accomplishments you have achieved in your position. Any initiatives, positive changes in the company’s income, and any such details should be included in your letter of interest for promotion to show your true value.
  • Don’t let the HR think you’re looking for a promotion or a job change just because of the money. Show that you have already grown and are ready to develop further. Reassure HR manager that you are committed to the company, whether you get a new position. Your loyalty will be one of the key factors. You can directly use phrases such as “as your loyal employee”, “while I am happy in my current position” and so on.
  • Be confident in yourself. Do not give the impression of a weak, humiliated person.
  • Don’t rely entirely on sample cover letters for internal positions. This is your unique text, so structure it wisely. Consider in advance what kind of information you will include in your request. Or you can rely on our professional team to write a cover letter for you. We will make sure to deliver the highest level of service by listening to your requirements. In addition, we are always ready to advise you on solutions to possible problems.

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What’s Next?

Now you know how to write a request for promotion consideration correctly. Make sure your internal applicant cover letter looks professional as if it was designed by an expert. The main thing is that you believe that this document looks perfect because it will also give you confidence. And never give up because you have an incentive to develop and get better!

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