What to Do if You’re Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated

The Problem

Recently, after facing the infamous Coronavirus, the question of improving public safety and implementing protective measures became sharp for the entire world. Unfortunately, that problem also influenced the appearance of new regulations and laws related to the workforce, disobedience of which may most likely be the end of a person’s career.

What to Do if You’re Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated

What to Do if You’re Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated

The problem arose due to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate announced on the 4th of November. According to it, the workers of all companies across the USA with more than 100 employees are obliged to get fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test every week. That’s precisely the reason why many of the 84 million employees covered by this rule may be in danger of encountering unpleasant penalties that consume finances and even getting fired.

Although, the percentage of employees vulnerable to such a problem isn’t that high, taking into account the whole scale – there are thousands of people that may be endangered. Due to that, more and more unemployed workers started to mind changing workplaces, which demands them a new resume. As the best part of workers need a document that displays all the achievements from their last job, many people receive help from professional online resume service.

Is It Legal to Fire For Not Vaccinating?

At the moment, the execution of this mandate is postponed by OSHA for one month. However, since the 5th of December, unvaccinated workers will have to wear masks in their workplaces, and those who haven’t been fully vaccinated before the 4th of January will have to deal with the consequences.

The legality of firing someone for not being vaccinated is a hot topic for discussion. Even if some state that it’s an action that oversteps the boundaries of the executive branch of government, others can notice that it’s the last resort to overcome the pandemic. Though some states oppose the decision that discriminates against employees based on vaccination, it’s unlikely to influence the warrant’s realization.

Can a Company Fire For Not Getting the Vaccine?

That allows companies to include vaccination as a condition in their company’s official employment policy. Despite many finding it unacceptable to force workers to get a shot, violating the policy gives the employer a reason heavy enough to fire for refusing the vaccine.

So, if someone questions themselves if it’s possible to get fired for not getting vaccinated– the answer is yes. Yet, the most unpleasant thing is that such a reason is usually considered breaching work policy, which is a cause that doesn’t fall under the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits.

Get Vaccinated or Lose Your Job?

Of course, the majority of Americans believe that it’s their right to decide whether to get something to inject into their bodies or not. That’s a justified statement, and according to various polls, many of the questions would better get fired for refusing the vaccine. On the other hand, making such a choice in real life is another thing because the employee gets cut off from all possible ways of income. Thus, to be precise, we also have to highlight a few advantages of getting vaccinated.

Besides obtaining a guarantee that you won’t lose the job, the employer is obliged to provide paid time for their employees to get vaccinated. At the same time, if any side effects keep the person from working, the sick worker can leave to recover. Though there are only a few privileges, it’s always better to know your rights than not.

How to Avoid Getting Vaccinated, Preserving the Job

The first option is to produce a negative COVID-19 test on at least a weekly basis. It may be the easiest way out, but it imposes many unpleasant disadvantages. The most minor of them is the requirement of constantly wearing a mask in the workplace when the most noticeable is the cost of performing tests weekly.

Unfortunately, the employer isn’t required to pay for the tests, so the entire expenses fall upon the employee. The only exceptions are cases when the employer is required to pay because of other laws or collective bargaining agreements. Due to its time-consuming and financial burdens, it may not be the most desirable choice.

The difficult way to avoid being fired for not getting a vaccine is to be qualified for an exemption. That is only possible due to health or religious reasons, which both require some firm evidence. If referring to medical disabilities, you will have to prove that you can’t vaccinate because of a specific medical condition. It may be possible because of pregnancy, a severe allergic reaction, or even strong side effects from a previous shot.

At the same time, while trying to seek protection based on religious beliefs, you have to be a part of the religion that prohibits the idea of vaccination. You will also be required to provide written proof from a leader of your religion, showing that you’re an actual member and protecting your right to avoid vaccination. That procedure won’t exempt you instantly but will let you stand for your rights.

How to Stay In the Industry Without Getting Vaccinated

There are also a few possible ways out if you don’t want to worry about being fired for refusing the vaccine yet would like to stay in the chosen industry. Here they are:

You can be fired for not getting vaccinated, but what if there is no need to vaccinate at all? The first option is to enter a company with less than 100 workers, as they are not liable to the vaccine mandate. Of course, the choice is pretty limited, and the conditions will most likely be less attractive, but that’s already something. If the conditions of work don’t have drastic changes, that can become a perfect choice for people that like their current industry.

The second opportunity is even less complicated and may become even more beneficial than the original workplace. In modern days, it’s not a bad idea to start working remotely without giving any care to vaccine mandates at all. Despite it may be pretty hard for people of elder ages, it’s an idea worth considering. The easiest way to look for positions with remote work is to create an attractive LinkedIn profile and search the net for open vacancies.

Trying Something New

Though being fired for not getting vaccinated is an unfortunate event, it can as well become a field for realizing new opportunities and ideas. For example, if you ever started to mind changing industries, this occasion may be a perfect time to try it out. However, it is quite a challenging process, so first of all, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re ready for such changes.

Moreover, if one has enough funds and experience, becoming an employer yourself is not a bad option either. That will allow you to improve yourself and even find a work of your life if it happens to be successful. During that time, you will still be able to reflect on the future and the desirable occupation, which you can change with time.

These paths may look pretty scary, but the rewards match the risks. Most importantly, it’s necessary to mindfully estimate the situation and not harm yourself.


Summarizing all the above, it’s possible to say that the fear of being fired for not getting vaccinated is quite actual. More than that, everything occurs legally, according to the federal mandate, which gives the employer a full right to do so.

So, is it a question of getting vaccinated or losing your job? – Of course not! Though sometimes it’s almost impossible to preserve the current work without getting vaccinated, there are also many ways of completely or partially avoiding it.

If the recent problems forced you to seek a new occupation, it’s most likely that you are also in need of a powerful resume. This is especially the case if you look for an academic CV or want to create a LinkedIn account for attracting employers. That’s why if you look for professional support, it’s possible to appeal to ResumeEdge for getting online resume help.

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