How to List an MBA on a Resume

The task of the resume is to show all the qualities and skills of the candidate who has chosen the desired position for himself. And in this case, many are trying to attract a recruiter’s attention to stand out immediately. The “Education” section can exceptionally affect the recruiter’s opinion of you. What if you have a master’s degree, for example? How to use this education correctly and show yourself from the best side? The MBA must reflect the qualities that HR wants to see. So how do you list an MBA on a resume? As a successful resume company, we have faced these questions many times.

How to List an MBA on a Resume

How to List an MBA on a Resume

Why Should You Include an MBA in Your Resume?

What does an MBA candidate mean on a resume? A master’s degree is a significant achievement in which a lot of time and effort has been invested. Even if the vacancy does not require this education, it cannot fail to impress. Recruiters know how responsible you are, so you are ready to devote yourself entirely to your business.

Including a master’s degree on your resume shows how hardworking and result-oriented you are. You are the kind of candidate who is dedicated to his work and brings the tasks to an end. It is precisely what recruiters usually look for in applicants.

After all, a master’s degree shows your confidence in yourself and your chosen position. It means that you have made a responsible choice of work, and you know that you can achieve what you want. It is a search that has its purpose, and you are not blindly looking for a job, hoping that you will be accepted somewhere.

So if you have a master’s degree, you need to show it. The trick is how to do it right. The recruiter should by no means see how much you boast about this achievement.

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How to List MBA on Your Resume: Basic Rules

First, list it in the “Education” section. That is definitely where recruiters will expect to see this information first. However, in some cases, you can also indicate this qualification in the section on achievements.

Placing an MBA title on a resume is possible, but it’s pretty rare. That only happens when a master’s degree is a mandatory requirement or it is directly related to the position.

In most cases, candidates’ resumes go through the ATS system. Therefore, list both the abbreviated and the full version of the education received to complete the stage.

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MBA degree in the section “Education”

Listing of Master of Business Administration on resume in “Education” should occur in reverse chronological order. So you start with the last education you received, and then you talk about bachelor’s degree and so on. The listing of other qualifications may vary, depending on the circumstances and the amount of information provided.

What if you received all the degrees of education in one institution? First, list the school’s name, and then list all the degrees received.

If you got undergraduate and graduate degrees in different institutions, indicate the degree first and then the school.

You can enter GPA too, but this is optional. For example, you can do this, but make sure that it is higher than 3.5, or else recruiters will not get the best first impression of you.

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MBA in the resume header

What do we mean by saying you can put a master’s degree in the title? For example, “Merry Richards” becomes “Merry Richards, MBA.”

Do you usually put MBA after your name? As we have already mentioned, indicating a master’s degree in the title is a rarity. So only do it if your case requires it. Often, those who list their education in the title have a Ph.D., making it even more impressive. If the job description requires you to have a master’s degree, you can show it right away.

In other cases, we do not recommend putting MBA after the name. From the recruiter’s point of view, this may look like extra bragging. So just list your master’s degree in the “Education” section.

And in no case do not indicate the degree in the header if you are still in the process of learning! It confuses recruiters and creates a wrong impression of you.

How to Write MBA in Progress on Resume

Even if you are still in the process of learning, the fact that you are striving for a master’s degree is respectable. You put a lot of effort into this business.

There is a small rule regarding MBA student resume: when writing the document, indicate the date of getting the master’s degree. If you apply for a job in February 2022, and the training ends, for example, in May of the same year, do not forget to indicate the month. Otherwise, recruiters may think you already have this degree, which can be misleading.

What Else Is Worth Considering When Listing an MBA in Your Resume?

  1. If you write your education in abbreviated form, then you can put periods after each letter “M.B.A.” or write initials without dots “MBA”.
  2. When you fully name your degree, you can choose one of two options; they are both correct:
  • “Master of Business Administration”
  • “Masters in business administration”
  1. Remember that it is not necessary to indicate the concentration area. However, this can be a plus if the qualifications are directly related to the position you want.
  2. It is worth listing thesis, honors, and other MBA credentials only if relevant concerning the vacancy. Otherwise, it may be redundant unnecessary information. However, this can be a good advantage if you write SV specifically.
  3. A college business school can also be a plus, although this is not a required element.
  4. You may indicate or disclose your master’s degree in your cover letter if you see fit.

Bottom Line

An MBA can be an essential addition to your resume. It is an excellent way to impress and interest the HR department. And even if your studies are not over yet, you can still tell a potential employer about it. The main thing, in this case, is not to overdo it with information. We understand that writing a resume is not an easy path that can cost a lot of effort and time. However, our team can help! Our resume writing service can do it for you, as we have faced such situations more than once and know the right approach. We are also ready to improve your resume make it unique and attractive in the eyes of recruiters.

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