How to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn makes the job search process much easier. This platform is highly appreciated by many, and already in 2021, the number of users surpassed the point of 660 million. And you can save time and energy, and even work with recruiters to get the desired position. But how do you take the first step? And how do you get the recruiter to notice you among many other users?

How to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

How to Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Before Contacting a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Complete your LinkedIn profile. Reduce unnecessary information to a minimum. But make sure that all data about certificates, skills, summary, employment history is filled out. An important point is also to fill your text with keywords that recruiters can quickly catch on to. Our experienced team can do that for you. We help write the correct LinkedIn profile.

How to Contact a Recruiter on Linkedin

Before deciding on how to send a LinkedIn message to a recruiter, it is worth thinking of what to write. The first message can be quite simple, you can introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your letter. After establishing a connection, remind yourself again. Thank the recruiter for accepting the request and talk about your interest in the position and how you can benefit the company.

The most important thing is to be unique, to make your own customized approach to the recruiter. Do not use samples while writing a message to a recruiter on LinkedIn, because thousands of other candidates can do it.

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How You Shouldn’t Talk to Recruiters on LinkedIn

  • Don’t be rude or intrusive. You cannot demand anything from hiring managers, they are superior to you.
  • Don’t send automated messages.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself. You need to be concise and give the recruiter only necessary and relevant information about yourself.
  • Don’t send meaningless short texts like “Hello”. You will be regarded as spam and will not be read.
  • Reread your message several times so as not to leave mistakes unnoticed.
  • Do not be offended if your connection request is denied, or if you are not answered for a long time. The HR Manager receives hundreds of requests and messages, so it is difficult to respond immediately.

Switch to a More User-friendly Communication Platform

The free version of LinkedIn InMail only allows you to chat with people in a limited number of messages. That can be inconvenient for you, so after accepting the connection request, consider exchanging emails. It can be found in the “contact information” section. Also, you can choose the option of connecting by phone, but this needs to be discussed with the HR Manager since recently, phones are a less preferred option for communicating. Calls may be considered intrusive and uncomfortable by many recruiters, so discuss the matter together.

How to Approach Recruiters on Linkedin Again

Send the recruiter a message with your resume that has been competently composed and edited. Remind yourself of your greatest strengths and skills that would help the company grow.

After that, it’s important to stay connected. Keep in mind that LinkedIn InMail currently allows about 200 characters in a subject, and 1900 characters in a body. However, this does not mean that it is worth writing long messages. The recruiter most likely doesn’t have much time, so they skip the information, especially if the first few proposals did not interest the HR Manager at all. Never bother the hiring manager with the same questions about whether they have anything for you. Instead, remind yourself every few months in a friendly manner. You need to make sure that recruiters have a good impression of you, then they will want to help you somehow.

Constant communication with a recruiter may not seem so necessary, but in fact, this is exactly the factor that helps you in the end to get a job. In addition to questions about the job, there are other questions that you can ask the recruiter.

  • Read the company information carefully again and write to the recruiter asking questions that interest you. This way, you will subtly show your interest again.
  • Ask about internship opportunities if you have very little work experience, but you want to get into this particular company.
  • Ask the recruiter for advice on finding a job

Last Words on the Topic

Remember that your politeness is the best way to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn. Do not give up and confidently go towards your goal. If you desire to work for one chosen company, it’s better to focus on one recruiter. In this case, you should concentrate all your efforts on better communication. But remember, your LinkedIn profile is your main business card. Recruiters love a professionally designed profile, which is why our team is a perfect match for you.

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