Many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to help them decide who makes the cut for initial or second interviews. And, if you're not actively looking for a new job but are open to opportunities at other companies, a current LinkedIn profile helps headhunters and potential employers target and find you. A resume will get your foot in the door, but a LinkedIn profile helps you close the deal.

How We're Qualified

We’re Pros! We hire Certified Professional Resume Writers and adhere to the excellence standards set forth by the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

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Whether you are trying to move up the career ladder, relocate to a new area or break into a different career field, our Social Profile service will position you to stand out and get the job you want. We'll update your current social profile or create a new one from scratch—the choice is yours. Just 4 steps to a perfect social profile:

1. Questionnaire: Complete our online questionnaire to help us learn about your work history and accomplishments
2. Draft: You’ll receive your first draft in as few as 3 days
3. Refine: You’ll have 7 days after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications
4. Finalize: Your completed, social profile is delivered to you

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LinkedIn Profile Writing — Leave a Professional Digital Footprint

Increase your visibility by creating a professional LinkedIn profile with the help of our LinkedIn profile writing service.

Reach out to the professional world

LinkedIn profile is an absolutely necessary tool for a modern professional. While presenting you with broad job opportunities, it is yet another way to better present yourself to your future employer. A profile allows you to not only display your accolades, capabilities, and experience. It also demonstrates your connection to other professionals and serves as an evidence of you keeping your professionalism up-to-date and relevant. Our writing service is ready to help you take all this to the next level.

Professional Support for Any Profile Type


An entrepreneurial profile needs to showcase your creativity and an ability to break through in the sphere you are operating in. Success is a defining word that describes the design of such a profile. With the help of our social profile writing service, your ingenuity in business will truly shine. Our experts are experienced in various business spheres and we understand the importance of your profile displaying a unique attitude and original business ideas that are, however, grounded in reality.


When your career has already progressed this far, your profile surely should reflect it. The executive LinkedIn profile writing includes thought-out and prolonged experience section, spheres of operation of your previous companies and should display your path to the top as a professional. Our LinkedIn profile writing service employs the best of its authors when it comes to the executive LinkedIn profile writing. With the help of our service, your profile will demonstrate your leadership skills and your immense professionalism.


Even if you are just starting to search for your first job, the LinkedIn profile is of great importance for you. Your profile can be a great advantage that would instantly highlight you as a candidate for a job among your competitors. And a professionally written profile would almost certainly lead to you landing a position you dreamed of. Our service is ready to help the first-time job searchers, creating the foundation for your professional online footprint and improving your chances in the job-seeking competition.


Aimed at building a large profile with thousands of connections and taking benefit from LinkedIn search algorithms? Did you know that to appear in the search results your profile should have a first, second, or third-degree connection to the profile of the searcher? Networking in LinkedIn is a much bigger issue than in other social networks, with a much greater emphasis on the quality of your profile. With the help of our LinkedIn profile writing service you can get a profile that would be worth connecting to.


In this type of LinkedIn profile, your skills are in the center of attention. A marketer LinkedIn profile usually includes a lot of experience — and, as a result, might and should display your impressive capability in your sphere. At the same time, this profile is to be treated like your personal brand. Our social profile writing professionals are capable of accounting for every detail in your marketer profile — from your photo and the introductory lines to the content itself.

Thought Leader

Inspire others with your LinkedIn profile! This profile type is all about leadership. Here, you have a unique opportunity to remain relevant through your posts, rather than the profile information itself. These kinds of profiles are made to be the trend-setters in the industry, and our team of professional writers is ready to do just that with your profile. Inspiring profiles require a combination of creativity and professionalism — it is this combination in which professional Linkedin profile writing services are truly handy.

Why is a professional LinkedIn profile important?

The LinkedIn profile is in a certain way your extended resume. It allows you to build up your image and get valuable connections with other people based on your professional qualities. Your profile shows the story of your success and professional development. It is a perfect medium for your future employer to interact with you.

To add up to it. Let’s look at the bigger picture. LinkedIn is a powerful social media and an incredible tool for connecting professionals all over the world:

  • LinkedIn features over 55 million companies with over 14 million jobs currently listed on the platform.
  • 89% of employers have hired at least once through LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, it is a social network dedicated specifically to career development.
  • LinkedIn is a primary source of quality talent pool, followed by job boards and employee referrals.
  • LinkedIn is a go-to platform for the top recruiters to search for the candidates.
  • It is the most trusted network of 2020 according to Business Insider.

It’s safe to say that today it’s almost impossible to build a successful career without a LinkedIn profile. However, without the professional help writing LinkedIn profile, your profile would be just a shot in the dark.

LinkedIn Profile and Resume: what’s the difference?

Generally, LinkedIn allows for much more freedom in terms of showcasing who you are as a professional and as an individual. Apart from the ability to add hyperlinks, videos and other media into your profile, you can use less formal language and open up about yourself a little more. After all, LinkedIn is a social platform! With the LinkedIn profile done right, you can truly connect to your employer on different levels. And besides, there’s virtually no limitations in terms of space: you can write down all the experience you feel is necessary.

Who will write your LinkedIn profile?

Our writers are skilled professionals, certified by PARWCC. We select the writer individually for each order according to your preferences. Our services include not only simple writing, but also filling your profile with important keywords according to the LinkedIn standards. We have a huge profile writing experience and employ professionals specialized in various job spheres. Such practice enables us to remain versatile and you may be sure that we’ll find a writer suited exactly to your needs.

Will my writer update my information on the LinkedIn page?

Our service provides the writing and optimization of your profile. The writers will present you the proposed changes and additions and the work won’t be considered done until your approval. We don’t make the changes directly in your account due to our privacy policy and to avoid problems with your account’s privacy as well. We will provide you with all the content you need and then you can update the profile by yourself.

How does the LinkedIn writing process work?

We will start our cooperation by getting all the necessary information on your skills, education, and experience that is required for a professional resume writing. You can send us all of the requirements along with the valuable info through an order form. We will take a thorough look at your LinkedIn profile in case you already have one to define the areas of improvement.

After you have placed an order, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to finalize the details and to decide on a writer that would be working on your order. You will have the final say in the writer selection process.

You can communicate with the writer directly as the work progresses. After receiving the final draft you have a guaranteed right to ask for any corrections during the first 14 days. When everything is finalized, you can add the new information to your profile or create a new profile right away!

Our Guarantees

  • On-time delivery. We are dedicated to bringing your order in time, no matter how tight the deadline might be.
  • Quick ordering process. The orders can be done easily through our order form. It takes us little time to process the order and come back to you with our proposals on the writers.
  • Communication and support. We provide customer support all the way through your order. You will be able to speak to the writer directly and access the support team at any time.
  • Secured payment methods. All the payments are done through our protected system. We employ a transparent policy on all the finance-related issues.
  • Confidentiality. We value the privacy of our customers highly. Our company doesn’t store or sell your data to anyone and the cooperation process would only include personal details where it is absolutely necessary.