Research has shown the average recruiter spends about 6 seconds looking at your resume before deciding if you’re a good fit. A great resume makes it an easy decision to bring you in for an interview--by highlighting accomplishments and results, showcasing career progression and including keywords relevant to the position.

How We're Qualified

We’re Pros! We hire Certified Professional Resume Writers and adhere to the excellence standards set forth by the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Personalized service. Our writers have personalized experience spanning over 40 different industries.

Proven track record. We maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate.


Whether you are trying to move up the career ladder, relocate to a new area or break into a different career field, our Professional Resume Editing service will position you to stand out and get the job you want. We'll update your current resume or create a new one from scratch—the choice is yours. Just 4 steps to a perfect resume:

1. Questionnaire: Complete our online questionnaire to help us learn about your work history and accomplishments
2. Draft: You’ll receive your first draft in as few as 3 days
3. Refine: You’ll have 7 days after receiving your first draft to request additional modifications
4. Finalize: Your completed, professional resume is delivered to you

We don't just satisfy 98% of our customers... We WOW them.

“You did wonders with my resume. In fact, I am certain my "new and improved" resume (thanks to you) is what landed me my current job. I got a great job with Zurich Financial Services! A Zurich (on-site) Recruiter called me within hours after posting my resume on! So, thank you very, very much.” - Laura P.

“Great news! I accepted a position as the Director of the Program Management Office with Dignity Health. Thank you so much for all of your guidance. Without your help on my resume and cover letter, I would have never gotten the interview. Because of your fabulous work, they called me within two days of my application!” - Marci B.

“My writer is a real pro. She knows the hiring process and has the gift of being able to write crisp bullets that make my career experience look excellent. She communicates well and offered excellent suggestions and tips that really improved my resume and LinkedIn profile.” - Christopher P.

“I would like to say a big thank you for Emily's help - the quality of work is brilliant and my resume looks much better now, and I'm very impressed by the cover letter as well. Emily understood my needs and did a terrific job consolidating the info I provided in a clear and concise way. Last but not least Emily is responsive (always replied to my emails very quickly even though we live in different time zones), friendly and helpful, and the turnaround time in finishing up the work was impressive. In the future if I need assistance with my resume I would like to get Emily's help again.” - Carmen L.

“Thank you for your help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile. I submitted the resume Sunday, was called in for an interview on Wednesday and received an offer today!” - Paul L.

“I really liked that my editor gave me a call, and that she was so personable. After speaking with her, I felt much more comfortable about paying for this service, and I am sure after reading my resume and cover letter that I will have no trouble getting interviews!” - Laila A.

“My resume writer was fantastic. If I ever need to use this service again I will be working with her. She took care and highlighted my talents and turned my weakness into assets. I absolutely love her work.” - Sulliman L.

“Kevin took my very unexciting resume and turned it into a thrilling read. The reason I chose ResumeEdge was because your writers made a personal phone call. That was the key to making my resume look and sound like me.” - Becky S.

“I loved that that my writer recommended things to me according to my background and field. I was pushed to really dig deep to find eye-catching information. I feel much more confident venturing out into the job market then I did a week ago.” - Dana R.

“My writer took the time to get to know me and was able to provide input in areas I had not thought of. It was tough because I had to let go of some of my old identities to start in a new career, but she took me over the hump and captured who I am--and what I can give.” - Stephanie L.

It seems like writing a resume is enough, but before sending it, you need to do resume editing to make sure everything is clear and error-free. You probably know this struggle. When you have the opportunity to get the desired job, a significant thing has to be done: you need to compose a good resume. Because the recruiter will have 30 seconds or even less for scanning your resume, it has to be exceptional.

Why do you need to edit a resume?

Hiring a person begins with a resume. Imagine yourself holding one of the job applications. What is your opinion about the person you are reading about? Recruiters may judge you as a professional only by examining your resume. It seems serious, right? That is why the first impression matters.

It is pleasing to know that the work is done after writing a resume, but do not hurry up to finish it as fast as possible. Now it is time for a personal statement review service to check and improve it. Perfecting your resume is a necessary step before the interview. Our editors will not only test your work for grammar and spelling mistakes but also adjust it to the position you are applying for. We can also provide you with a well-structured and readable paper that will help you to stand out from the other candidates. Our personalized approach helps to make a resume revision as well as possible.

How to edit your resume?

Okay, if you have finished writing, you might be wondering how to edit a resume. Good question! Firstly, learn a sufficient amount of information about the job position and company you are applying for. An effective resume is always tailored to a specific position. Besides, use special headers and parts. Start with a short summary, then describe your experience and education and create a section about relevant skills.

Additionally, try to make your resume fit on one page. That is why it is necessary to provide the editor with detailed information. Then, you will get skillful resume proofreading aimed at polishing your piece of writing and removing imperfections. After this procedure, you will get an error-free and impactful admission document.

Resume dos and don’ts tips

We advise looking through a list of things that should be included in a resume and things that need to be avoided. Check out basic resume tips and prepare a brilliant resume!

Dos: First, make a list of your major achievements

It would be a nice idea to put them on top of your resume. As mentioned above, the first impression matters a lot. That is why you should outline your most significant accomplishments. This way, you will increase your chance to get positive feedback.

Optimize your resume for the applicant tracking system

Your resume may be excellent in the recruiter’s opinion but can fail if checked by applicant tracking systems. If you think that the decision whether to hire a person or not depends only on the recruiter, you don’t see the whole picture. These systems collect thousands of applications. Employers use ATS to save time and get skilled job seekers distinguished. These systems are almost everywhere. Some of them compare the job description to the resume. Some of them check documents for plagiarism. However, most of them search for top skills relevant to the position. That is why it is crucial to think about keywords and formatting your resume, which has to match the job description. Thus, tailoring a resume to each position is essential. Another piece of advice is to use standard headers, e.g., “Work experience” instead of creative ones. If so, due to processing your resume through ATS, you will achieve success.

Include soft skills

Soft skills are as needed as hard skills. Of course, technical skills are the best proof of your professionalism. Nevertheless, soft skills are too valuable for employers to be skipped. Most recruiters look for candidates who suit the position and working environment in general. Teamwork and problem-solving skills would be a precious asset to any employee. They depict your personality and show how you can interact with people. Soft skills may be transferable and useful at work. They make people more adaptable. Writing and editing skills resume composing requires will favorably impress the recruiter as well.

Don’ts: Don’t write obvious things

If you ask a recruiter what things employees include most frequently, they will tell that everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word and that everyone possesses communication skills. There is also no need to mention English if it is your first language. Use only current skills relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, an active lifestyle is fantastic but not vital for the position of a financial manager. Be specific: instead of writing “computer skills” mention the tools you work with. Be honest in your resume: do not fabricate skills. Employers expect you to be focused on this particular position.

Don’t mess with colors

Of course, the visually appealing design is crucial. You probably agree that an eye-catchy layout is more pleasant. However, recruiters tend to pay attention to standard resumes. Some of them consider colorful and bright applications tasteless. A professionally made resume is always easy to read. Care about well-structured bullet points and font size. Besides, do not forget about ATS. Bright design can cause considerable troubles in processing your resume, so instead of fancy layout, take into account standard resume formats. 

Don’t write a resume with weak action verbs

Choose action verbs thoroughly! It is imperative to be careful while selecting words for a resume. Always look for a stronger one. Instead of “took part,” use “partnered.” Remember that it is not only about words: all sentences also have to be like this. So, do not include tons of beautiful verbs: they have to be convincing.

Don’t be inconsistent

Many recruiters say that they may easily reject a candidate if they are inconsistent in resumes. It may leave the wrong impression on the reader because it seems like the person has composed the resume hastily. Even if it looks like there is no big deal, always check your work for consistency. If you have started bullet points with a verb, don’t use a noun afterward. Remember that your resume is a presentation of you, so be scrupulous. 

Last but not least, ask someone to proofread your resume

Even if you have read through your job application thousands of times, ask someone to proofread. Sometimes, our eyes get used to writing, and we may not see obvious mistakes. Therefore, asking someone to look through your resume will be the right thing. You may ask your friends or relatives, but if you want an ideal job-winning piece of writing, professional resume editing will be a great help! Writers and editors who specialize in this type of document will provide you with absolutely outstanding resume editing services.

Why you should choose our resume editing service

Sometimes we have to make an important step towards our future. That is when you should entrust professionals with resume editing. Now it is time to get your dream job!