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Why is a Cover Letter crucial while applying for a job?

If your goal is to land the desired position, you need an outstanding cover letter that will represent you as an ideal marketable candidate in a narrative and assure a future employer of your proficiencies. Matching your qualifications to the job application requirements wins you recognition among hiring managers and helps you get selected for an interview.

Why do cover letters by ResumeEdge succeed?

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    We align a cover letter to your resume

    A cover letter should be a valuable addition to the resume and include unique details that your resume does not contain. Your writer will be not only competent in creating cover letters but also will know how to pair both documents in a perfect match without redundancy and repetition of the same information.
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    We reflect your motivation to work for a company

    Your cover letter should state why you want to work for a specific company and how it can benefit from having you as an employee. The motivation and enthusiasm for the job position as well as acknowledgment of future company objectives and history are very important for hiring managers when they choose the best candidates.
  • Receive more callbacks

    We write cover letters for various purposes

    We write either a general cover letter that you can use while applying for different companies or a customized one for a targeted position. Our professional writers are experienced in creating cover letters for all industries and career levels, including early-career, mid-career, executives, military to civilian transition, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the cover letter?

Essentially, a cover letter is a small addition to your resume. Usually, it is a document around one page in length, which describes your work experience and the personal reasons for applying for a new job.

It is a more elaborate, personal version of your resume, focusing more on your feelings and intentions, than on the facts of your biography.

Why do you need a cover letter?

Your employer probably receives dozens of resumes, all with similar structure and sometimes even similar traits. The selection process may get quite dull and repetitive.

The cover letter, however, adds depth to your resume, displaying more of your personality and giving your potential employer more inside into how you might act as a future employee. So, the cover letter can make or break your job prospects.

How to make a good cover letter?

Writing a good cover letter takes up time and requires a lot of knowledge. It might be quite hard to do without previous experience. And that's where our service can step up and help you.

ResumeEdge provides expert cover letter help by professional, experienced career coaches. We offer personalized cover letter writing service, suited exactly to your needs. Our cover letter writers possess extensive knowledge spanning over 40 various career fields.

With a huge experience in cover letter writing, as well as thorough research of the client's background, our writers come up with the results that left 98% of our clients satisfied.

How do you write a cover letter?

Normally, a cover letter consists of three main parts:

  • Introduction. In this section, it is important to instantly draw the attention of an employer. It's best to start with a memorable passage, describing why do you want to get this job.
  • Main body. Here, a more detailed recap of your previous experience, education, and personal qualities is given. What we're aiming for here is to prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the position you're applying for.
  • Conclusion. Here, it's time to encourage your future employer to push your resume to the next application stage! At the end of your letter, our cover letter writers will create an inviting way to make the employer contact you as soon as possible.

So, you can write a cover letter for me?

Yes, that's right! We can create for you a perfect cover letter that would make your individuality shine. We will begin our cooperation with you from a questionnaire, where you will be able to state all the necessary information required for the cover letter. This would help us to learn more about you as a professional.

After the research, we will prepare a draft cover letter for your consideration. You can then review it and add any requirements or improvements as you see fit. Remember — this is just the first draft, so there's a lot of improvement potential!

After your review, we'll provide you with a final cover letter version that you can approve and start sending to your potential employers immediately. With a minimum deadline of just three days, your cover letter will be ready fast, yet still will be of the highest quality.

What about the guarantees?

As a company with more than 23 years of presence in the market, we take credibility very seriously. It is important for us that our clients trust us and are confident that we will write a good cover letter. Working with personal data that sometimes may be quite sensitive, we've developed secured data processing workflow, along with secured payment options.

What is more, we provide a quality guarantee for all our writing services. At ResumeEdge, we want to make sure that you will reach success with our professional help. With our team writing a cover letter for a job of your dream, we can promise that you'll get a job interview within 30 days after getting your cover letter done.