What can I expect when I work with ResumeEdge?

You select which service (and add-ons) you want and purchase them from our secure checkout. Once you do so, you will receive an email containing the URL to our customer portal and your unique password. You will need to log in and then fill out our online questionnaire. Depending on what service you purchase, you may also receive an initial phone interview to discuss your career goals. Once the questionnaire is submitted, you will receive a first draft of an edited or new resume within seven days. You can then continue to collaborate with your writer to revise your resume over the next seven days.

Do I get to work with a resume writer?

Yes! With both Resume Writing or Resume Editing, you would be able to work with a professional ResumeEdge resume writer via email. When you choose Resume Writing, you’ll also receive a 30-45 minute phone consultation to discuss your career goals with your writer. With both services, after receiving a first draft of your resume, you can continue to work with your writer to revise your resume for an additional seven days.

Why should I choose

We have more than 50 professional resume writers with personal experience in more than 40 industries—including the one you want a job in. Our resume writers have written more than 100,000 resumes, are certified through an ongoing QA process, and create compelling resumes using a highly collaborative process.

How many resumes has ResumeEdge touched?

We’ve written and edited more than 100,000 resumes since we opened shop.

How long has ResumeEdge been in business?

We’ve been writing and editing resumes since 1998.

Do you write or edit resumes for customers outside the United States?

Our service area knows no bounds—but our language barriers do. At this time, our customer reps and resume writers are not multi-lingual, but we’re happy to work with English-speaking customers from around the world. If you submit your resume in English and it fits within our page limits (up to two pages for Resume Editing and up to four pages for Resume Writing), we’d be happy to work with you. Compare our products here to find the right one for you.

I have a resume that needs to be edited, but it is longer than two pages. Which service should I choose?

Because of the amount of time and collaboration that goes into a longer resume, we do not provide our Resume Editing service for resumes longer than two pages. If your resume is longer than two pages, you should select the Resume Writing service, which focuses on resumes up to four pages long. We are not able to edit or write resumes longer than four pages at this time.

Do you offer sample resumes?

When you choose ResumeEdge, you’ll work one-on-one with a professional resume writer; because of this, each resume is unique and tailored to your individual career goals. At this time, we don’t have a library of sample resumes. However, we do have Before and After resume samples for Resume Writing and Resume Editing, so you can see the transformation for yourself.

How can I contact you to ask questions?

For an immediate response, give us a call at 888.438.2633, start a chat, or message us on Facebook at If your question or comment doesn’t need to be responded to immediately, consider contacting us via email, by fax (609.896.4565), or by mailing your question to 121 S 13th Street, Suite 201, Lincoln, NE, 68508. You can also find us on Twitter and Pinterest.

I want to work with a writer to create a CV. Which service should I choose?

Unfortunately, ResumeEdge doesn’t provide CV services. If you want to edit an existing resume up to two pages long, Resume Editing may be right for you. If your resume is two to four pages long, select Resume Writing to collaborate on a brand-new resume with a professional resume writer via a 30–45 minute phone consultation and ongoing email. We are not able to edit or new resumes longer than four pages at this time.


 Do you offer CVs?

Unfortunately, ResumeEdge does not offer CV writing or editing services at this time.

 When can I contact your customer support center?

Our customer support center is open 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday. We are available via phone at 888.438.5633, by email or start a live chat with one of our representatives.

 How long is my resume kept on file?

You may login and access your resume for up to two years after completion. Once that time period is up, you can still login, but your resume will have been archived in order to maintain free space on our servers.

 Does ResumeEdge offer resumes for Federal jobs?

While we don’t currently offer this service, we do recommend The Resume Place, which is the premier service for creating professional resumes.

 Does ResumeEdge have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we do! We guarantee that your resume will meet all industry standards (as defined by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and ResumeEdge’s own standard of excellence). If at any time during the resume editing or writing process, you are not completely satisfied with your writer—or the product they deliver—please let us know and we will work to address your concern or assign a new editor to better meet your needs.

Can I just buy a cover letter or LinkedIn® Profile?

At this time, we only offer LinkedIn® Profiles and cover letters as add-ons to Resume Writing or Resume Editing. Writing and editing resumes is our primary focus. LinkedIn Profiles® and cover letters are supporting documents that help you create a distinct presence throughout your job search, and we recommend you purchase them in addition to—not instead of—our resume writing or editing services.

 Why do I need a cover letter?

A resume can get you noticed, but a cover letter expands on your unique qualifications and offers an opportunity to share information not suitable for your resume, like willingness to relocate. Many recruiters and hiring managers also use cover letters to help them decide who to invite to an initial or second interview. A cover letter is a necessary tool in your personal job search toolkit!

Why do I need ResumeEdge to help me create my LinkedIn® Profile?

Creating a standout LinkedIn® Profile isn’t as simple as copying and pasting your resume into LinkedIn®. There are character limitations in each section that create additional emphasis on highlighting your best accomplishments and most relevant work. Our professional resume writers understand how to maximize your experience on LinkedIn® and focus on the keywords that will bring your profile to the top of the search results. When you work with ResumeEdge, the same resume writer creates both your resume and your LinkedIn® Profile, creating a complementary self-promotion package.

Why do I need a LinkedIn® Profile?

If you’re actively looking for a new job, a resume can get you in the door—but an expertly written LinkedIn® Profile can help you close the deal. Many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn® to help them decide who makes the cut for initial or second interviews. If you’re not actively looking for a new job but are open to opportunities at other companies, a current LinkedIn® Profile helps headhunters and potential employers target and find you. If you are investing in a new resume, you definitely want an updated LinkedIn® Profile to give you an edge!

What if I lose the email containing my resume?

You may access your documents at any time when you log in to your account at

What format(s) do I get my ResumeEdge resume in?

All documents are delivered in Microsoft Word format. You will also receive a text-only (ASCII) version. ASCII files are non-formatted, so you can easily copy and paste into emails and online forms.

How many revisions do I get with my resume?

You receive an initial draft of your resume seven days after completing the questionnaire. How many revisions you collaborate with your writer to create depends on the service you purchase. After you receive your first draft, Resume Writing includes unlimited revisions during the next seven days, while Resume Editing includes two revisions over the same seven-day period.

When can I see a first draft of my resume?

The process starts when you fill out our online questionnaire, which provides your resume writer with the information needed to write or edit your resume effectively. After you fill out and submit the questionnaire, you will receive a first draft of your resume in seven days.

In a rush? You can choose our express delivery option to receive the first draft of your resume 72 hours after you submit your questionnaire.

I have a resume, but need it updated. What service should I choose?

You should select Resume Editing. When you purchase this service, your resume is refreshed by one of our professional resume writers. You get unlimited email interaction and up to two revisions for up to a week after you receive your first draft, making this the perfect choice for the job seeker who needs just a little resume help.

What is the difference between Resume Writing and Resume Editing?

With Resume Writing, your resume is written from scratch by a resume writer in your industry. Your new resume is based on the online job questionnaire you complete, a 30–45 minute phone consultation, and any supporting documentation you provide, such as an existing resume. You also get unlimited email interaction (and additional phone conversations, if needed) and unlimited revisions for up to a week after you receive your first draft. Your new resume may be up to four pages long, depending on your experience, projects, and other information.

With Resume Editing, your resume is updated by one of our professional resume writers (who is an expert resume writer, but may not be in your industry). You get unlimited email interaction (phone interaction not included) and up to two revisions for up to a week after you receive your first draft. Your edited resume will be no longer than two pages.

Resume Editing is for resumes up to two pages in length, while Resume Writing is best for resumes up to four pages.

You can see a side-by-side comparison of Resume Writing and Editing’s features here.

How long should my resume be?

Most resumes should be no longer than two pages. Resumes for some industries, like those focused heavily on research and projects, may be longer. If you have extensive experience in your industry, or across industries, your resume may also be longer to include all pertinent information. Our Resume Editing service is for resumes up to two pages, while our Resume Writing service is best for resumes up to four pages.

Are there different resume templates or layouts for me to choose from?

Yes, we offer eight different templates for you to choose from. You’ll be presented with this option when you fill out your questionnaire. You may also opt to let your resume writer select the best option for you.


Is your site secure?

Your credit card purchase at is secure. Our servers encrypt your personal information, including your name and address, as you proceed through the checkout process. Once you choose a payment method, our partners use the highest level of security to ensure your credit card or payment information is protected.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal payments.

Can I get a refund on the service if I change my mind?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order, we will continue to work with you until you are satisfied. Please contact a customer service representative who will assign you to a new editor. Service fees generally are non-refundable. Any refund granted in the sole discretion of ResumeEdge will be less a refund charge of not less than 15%.

Can I have a resume writer review my resume before I place an order?

Unfortunately, we do not evaluate resumes prior to ordering. If you need help deciding which product is right for you, call us at 888.438.2633 or email us at We’re happy to describe our services and help you decide which one is right for you.


Can I select my own editor?

If you’ve used ResumeEdge before, you may request the same writer who you worked with originally, though availability may vary.

What are the hours and availability of your resume writers?

Hours vary from writer to writer. However, we are extremely flexible and will work with your schedule to accommodate weekend/evening calls and emails where necessary.

Can my resume be translated into other languages?

At this time, ResumeEdge does not provide resume writing or editing in languages besides English. All documents you submit must be in English.

How are resume orders assigned to a writer?

We carefully consider your specific industry and employment history when assigning your resume order to a writer. If you’ve previously worked with ResumeEdge, you may request the same writer.

Can ResumeEdge help if I plan to change careers, or am just starting my career?

Yes! We’ve helped thousands of job seekers re-enter the workforce, break into a new industry, transition from military to a civilian career, or advance in their current careers. Our expertise in more than 40 industries means that your resume writer knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in the industry you want to enter.

My industry isn’t available. What should I select?

If you don’t see your industry in the list, select Other.

How were the industries you specialize in selected?

They are 40 of the most popular industries in which clients seek jobs.

What industries do ResumeEdge resume writers specialize in?

They have personal experience in 40 of today’s top, most relevant industries. View a list of our industries here.

I’m a student and don’t know which industry to pick.

All students, whether undergrad or grad, should pick “other” as their industry and then specify the goals they want to achieve (get into business school; get an internship, etc.) with their resume in the online questionnaire.

What quality control does ResumeEdge utilize?

Editors’ orders are spot-checked four times a year for grammar, errors, presentation, being accomplishment-focused rather than task-focused, and a strong marketing approach.

What qualifications do ResumeEdge’s resume writers have?

Many of our resume writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers. Some of them are past human resource professionals and recruiters. They have personal background in more than 40 industries and extensive experience writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn® Profiles. In addition, all writers must pass ResumeEdge’s ongoing QA process.


I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

You can submit a question directly to our customer service group, and we will send you an answer within 24 hours.