Tips for a Successful Phone or Lunch Interview

Putting together a professional resume that highlights your abilities and accomplishments is just the first step when you are searching for a rewarding career opportunity. Once you have the tools you need in hand, the next step is to identify prospective employers and get their attention! When you do land a telephone or face-to-face interview, it is critical to make a great first impression. You don’t get a second chance to do this, so be prepared when you are ready to meet in person in the hiring manager’s office or at a restaurant for lunch. By pulling out all the stops, you will give yourself an edge over other candidates who will be competing for the same position. The best way to do this is to utilize a professional job interview coach to help you prepare for your interviews. It can certainly make a difference when it comes to professionally presenting yourself and your abilities.

Also keep these tips in mind:

Do Your Homework Prior to Meeting With the Interviewer

  • Know the company. When you’ve researched an organization and have knowledge about what the company has been doing in the market, it helps show that you have a genuine interest and will go the extra mile if they do hire you.
  • Know yourself and your abilities. One essential point that you need to focus on is to closely evaluate the job requirements and how your background parallels with what the company is looking for. Show them how you match their needs.
  • Avoid discussing money. The last thing you want to do is to price yourself out of the salary range. Additionally, if you name too low of a figure, you may end up receiving less than you could have.
  • Stay focused on the questions. Many candidates find themselves rambling on and on, ultimately losing the listener’s interest. Be aware of body language and whether you are holding the interviewer’s attention. Keep your answers brief, but to the point.
  • Ask for the job! So many times an employer may have a real interest in a candidate, but doesn’t know whether the individual really wants the position. Before you leave the interview, let the employer know you are capable of handling the job and that you would like to have an offer.

According to Life and Career Coach Anna Goldstein, there are several helpful interview techniques to keep in mind. Review the eight tips she suggests that can help you through some of the difficult hurdles that applicants face when interviewing.

In Ms. Goldstein’s article, you will also find additional details regarding speed interviewing, questions you should be prepared to ask, hypothetical situations the employer may address, inquiries about personal issues, salary, weaknesses, scare tactics, and stress interviews.

The more material you can read about interviewing the better—you never know when you might run across a tip that can make a difference!

Don’t Forget to Show Your Appreciation

One of the lost arts of interviewing is sending a thank you note. People just don’t do this as often as they did in the past. When you mail a letter to those you’ve met with, it really makes you stand out in a crowd. Anyone can send an email, but it takes effort to actually personalize a letter that is mailed out to hiring managers or recruiters.

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