Historically, information technology positions have paid well. Even with the struggling economy that truth hasn’t changed.

In a recent article, presented nine high-paying tech jobs with salaries between $50,000 and $100,000 annually.

Here’s their list:

Data Architect

Median salary: $100,717

These individuals create database systems, while also enhancing data transfer between them. In this field, the employee is building information storage and archival systems.

Information Technology Auditor

Median salary: $68,719

Staff members with this title investigate computer systems. They gather data about accounting and controls ensuring that companies are adhering to legal standards. To ensure that systems operate at peak performance, these individuals consolidate all resources within the systems.

Database Administrator

Median salary: $87,330

These individuals ensure data security, its accessibility to users, system consistency, and perform troubleshooting.

Systems Analyst

Median salary: $96,207

These are the troubleshooters in an IT system. They’re the individuals you go to when you have computer problems. Application systems analysts fix tech problems and errors. They oversee all network operations. Business systems analysts determine the best software for their organizations.

Web Applications Developer

Median salary: $78,568

Developers create websites. They work in conjunction with designers to create functional and attractive sites.

Software Engineer

Median salary: $59,307

These staff members use computer languages to create programs that enhance productivity and usability. They test programs extensively and work with users, encouraging feedback to improve their applications.

Mechanical Engineer

Median salary: $61,547

These engineers team with contractors and architects to ensure that their designs are safe and workable.


Median salary: $55,509

Expertise in computer languages, such as JavaScript and C++ allows these individuals to write software programs. They work with web developers, systems analysts and software engineers.

Security Administrator

Median salary: $69,797

As the title implies, this is a position in which system/network security is key.

Presenting Your Skills

Even if you have the education, certification, expertise and skill for any of these positions, you still need an outstanding resume to win an interview. It’s not enough in this crowded job market to simply list everything you’ve done and expect a hiring manager or a recruiter to figure out where you’ll best fit into the organization.

The hiring authority typically gives no more than 7 seconds to a resume before moving on to the next candidate. Therefore, you need to follow these rules to create an interview-winning resume:

1. Keep it to two pages

Your first reaction might be to throw everything into the document, all your projects (special or otherwise), tasks, responsibilities. Don’t make this mistake. Limit the data to your major projects, your most critical tasks.

2. Begin with a strong opening summary

One that paints you as the ideal individual for the job. Dovetail what you know and can do to the position requirements. This is what excites recruiters and hiring managers. Someone who can come in and ‘hit the ground running’.

3. Provide details about your technical expertise

You shouldn’t write a list of applications and systems, then let the hiring manager wonder how skilled you are in each. Include the number of years you’ve worked with the various software or hardware, or list your experience level – beginner, intermediate, expert. Hiring managers won’t call you in for an interview to learn this information. They expect it to be on your resume.

4. Show results

If you simply list your daily tasks and occasional projects, it won’t be readily clear whether your efforts resulted in anything positive. If they did not, then they have little weight with hiring managers and recruiters. Always include quantified accomplishments, the results of your efforts, providing percentages of improvement, dollars saved, and the time periods involved. If your overhaul of a system resulted in a savings of $45,000 annually and you accomplished it within 6 months, you’ll get an interview.

There are many high-paying jobs available for those in Information Technology. With the right background and an effective resume, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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