Personal branding statements

What is a personal branding statement and what benefit does it bring to your resume or LinkedIn profile?

First of all, a personal branding statement is not the job title you currently have or the one you seek. So, it’s not Vice President of XYZ company or CPA at ABC firm.

Brand Yourself as an Excerpt in Something

A personal branding statement is a succinct acknowledgement of where your abilities lie and what benefit they bring to the targeted company.

For example: If you’re the CPA at ABC firm, with specialized knowledge of IRS audits, then your personal branding statement might read something like this:

CPA skilled in negotiations with the IRS, saving ABC firm, a Fortune 1000 company, millions of dollars in tax penalties during a 2008 audit. Credited with saving more than 50 positions due to successful negotiations with taxing authority. Considered subject matter expert in current and past tax code, enabling firms to budget accordingly, saving funds and increasing profits.

Branding Statements Provide Information Effortlessly

For the one above, we’ve learned:

  1. The individual deals successfully with the IRS (very important to all companies)
  2. S/he saved firm a substantial amount in penalties during an audit. (a major accomplishment)
  3. Was able to save jobs (another major accomplishment)
  4. SME (subject matter expert) on tax codes, using this knowledge for annual budgeting, thus increasing profits (a third accomplishment)

The above instantly tells a hiring manager or recruiter what this individual can offer their company and how well this individual will perform.

That’s a must on a resume or in a LinkedIn profile, and it’s what an effective personal branding statement contains. It should accurately state what you can do, while also showcasing and elevating your skills above other, similarly qualified candidates.

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