How serious are you about getting a job?

It seems as if every night on the news another laid off worker explains how difficult it is to get a new job or as little as an interview in a stagnant employment market. Many say that they send out dozens of resumes on a weekly, perhaps even a daily, basis.

All are increasingly frustrated and want to know when there will be hope…at the very least, an interview.

Work Smart, Plan, Strategize

Becoming frustrated or being scared and hopeless won’t get you that new job. Nor will sending out dozens of resumes every day unless those documents speak to what an employer wants.

To get a job in this economy you have to be serious…you have to make your job search your full time position.

Guidelines to Improve Your Job Search

  1. Target every resume and cover letter you send out to the specific job posting you’re interested in. Don’t write a one-size-fits-all resume/cover letter (there is no such thing), then send it out and spend the rest of the day texting or in front of the TV waiting for the calls to come in. They won’t. Tailor your background to each employer’s needs. Your opening summary should make you seem like the ideal candidate for that position.
  2. Network, network, network. Invite former colleagues for coffee or lunch. Phone peers you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Let them know you’re looking. Let them know you’re interested. They may just tell you about a job opportunity that hasn’t been advertised. They may put in a good word for you.
  3. Brush up on your skills or learn new ones to become more valuable to an employer. Community colleges have scores of courses that will hone your technical and business skills. They may also know of local job openings that aren’t advertised.
  4. Be realistic. You may have to start at a lower level and/or at a lower salary than what you’ve known in the past. Although it’s humbling, it could also be the beginning of better times. Prove yourself to the new employer and you will get raises and promotions.

The idea is to think of your job search from the employer’s point of view. Make them notice you, make them want to interview you. Be all that you can be for them. It will pay off with interviews and job offers.

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