For Those of You That Lack Accomplishments

I hear it all the time –

“I know I’m supposed to put results or accomplishments on my resume, but I don’t have any!”

“I have very little authority over what I do at my office. I do my work as I’m told. I have no outstanding results.”

If either of the above statements were true, the individuals who made them would have been out of a job long ago.

If You Haven’t Been Fired, then You Have Accomplished Something

Employers don’t keep staff on because it’s the nice thing to do. They retain staff that produce, that help the company to grow – or at the very least, to survive.

When I speak to an individual who claims to have no accomplishments, I ask – “If you were to quit your job today, how many employees would your company need to hire to replace you?”

Invariably, the answer is two or more.

Guess what? That’s an accomplishment. By taking over the duties of others, by wearing many hats, by being available for special projects and completing them in a timely manner, you’ve racked up an achievement. What’s more, you’re saving your employer the extra salary s/he would have to pay for that second or third employee.

That most certainly is an accomplishment.

An Accomplishment is Something That Benefits Your Employer

Don’t sell yourself short. Think of the extra projects you’ve done at work and the additional duties you took on when others were laid off. Determine how much you saved your company by being available for these tasks. Give that effort a dollar figure.

When you do, you have your first accomplishment that you’ll be putting on your resume.

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