It’s the New Year and you’re all geared up to look for that new position or to transition into a new career.

Not wanting to go it alone, you decide to hire a resume writing expert to craft your resume so you have a fighting chance against dozens of other equally-qualified candidates. What could be better, or simpler?

Unfortunately, unless you put some effort into the collaboration – and it is that – you’re not going to see a worthwhile product or stellar results.

You Know Your Strengths Better Than Anyone

You can’t expect a resume writing expert, no matter how talented, to guess what you can do. Your knowledge, skills and abilities should go much further than what your job title suggests. For example, let’s say you’re an accountant. A resume writer can surmise that you do accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and reconciliations. But how is that individual to know that you’re also an expert in corporate taxes if that’s not on your old resume. And what about that advanced course you took over the summer to enhance your skills? Who can possibly know about that – other than you and the school – if you don’t provide it on your resume?

You Need to Keep a Diary of What You Do at Work

Don’t wait until you hire a resume writer and then try to come up with what you’ve achieved. Chances are you’ll forget a lot of what you’ve done the past year, which will only dilute what you can offer a new company. To avoid that, you should jot down what you accomplished on a daily basis. Even if it’s an everyday task, there has to be a result, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. This is the way you start to build quantified accomplishments.

Accomplishments are the Only Thing That Separates You From the Competition

If you’re competing against thirty other equally qualified candidates, chances are each of you do the same thing on a daily basis. So why should a hiring manager notice you? None will unless you achieve results and can prove them – with quantification – on a resume. Again, don’t expect a resume writer to guess. You’ll have to provide the data.

This year, unlike last, make it a point to write down what you’ve achieved. Always be prepared and have a professional resume at the ready. In this economy, you never know when it might just come in handy.

At ResumeEdge, our expert resume writers are skilled in showcasing achievements and organizing data so your resume is a standout, and you’re called in for an interview.